How to Upload a Long Video to WhatsApp Status

As we all know, in recent decades the world of technology has advanced exponentially. Among the many technological advances, there are undoubtedly the different apps available, which make our daily life much easier.

How to Upload a Long Video in my WhatsApp Status – Very Easy

One of the best known and in fact most used applications around the world, is undoubtedly the WhatsApp application. Since it allows you to communicate with friends, family, even mount photos or edit videos with this application. That is why in this article we will show you how to upload a long video in my WhatsApp status, and that way you get much more out of the tools that WhatsApp offers.

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  1. Why use WhatsApp?
  2. How to upload videos in fractions of 30 seconds to the status using WhatsApp?
  3. Upload a video to WhatsApp status without losing quality
  4. Post long videos to WhatsApp status using an App on iPhone and Android
    1. Use Video Compressor
    2. Using SplitVideo
    3. Use WhatsCut Pro +
    4. How to upload a long video already compressed to your WhatsApp status?

Why use WhatsApp?

Before getting into the specific topic of how to upload long videos on WhatsApp, it will be very useful to highlight some special benefits that this application has.

In addition, we could give many compelling reasons to use it and be totally determined to use it, such as managing multimedia files , this is undoubtedly a good reason to use this effective application called WhatsApp. But here we will only highlight the five reasons that we have considered the most basic to use them. These are:

  • It is a totally freeapplication .
  • WhatsApp allows you to send voice notes, images, messages, documents, and videos.
  • It is available for all operating systems
  • It is an instant app, as long as we have a good internet connection.
  • The issue of privacy is not a concern with this app, since everything you upload to your WhatsApp is fully protected.

How to upload videos in fractions of 30 seconds to the status using WhatsApp?

If a video that you want to upload to your WhatsApp status exceeds 30 seconds and therefore it is not possible to upload it completely; then the app offers you to divide it into several segments according to how extensive it is; But yes, you must be very clear that it will be 30 seconds nothing more.

So so that you can divide it into several parts, we will describe how you should do it. First select the video to publish and give it to share in the state; WhatsApp will automatically cut it to the 30 seconds it allows, preventing the rest from being sent.

After the first part uploads, then you must select the video again and take it to share in the state; Now, before publishing it, you must check a box that appears at the top where it indicates the time in which the thirty seconds are counted. This means that it will appear (00:00 – 00:30) indicating that it is at the beginning; now you must drag the box to where it marked (00:30 – 01:00); where it will be from 30 seconds to a minute.

This process that we explained previously, you must repeat it over and over again until the video you want to upload to the state comes out complete . For example, if it takes two minutes, it will be 4 times; On the other hand, if it is 3 minutes and 18 seconds, it will be 6 times of 30 seconds and one that begins in minute three and ends in the additional 18 seconds; since it allows trimming even in intervals of less than 30 seconds.

Upload a video to WhatsApp status without losing quality

You can easily do to share a video to your state without losing any quality or resolution. You can do this if you first send the video to any chat that you have open on your WhatsApp; but this time you will not send it from the gallery, but you will attach it as a file .

To do this, open the chat or click on the clip icon that appears on the right side and there you select the documents option; There it will open the file explorer where you must find the video and click on it to then send it. Once sent to your contact, you only need to resend and select your state and voila, it will retain its quality.

It should be noted, WhatsApp only allows you to upload files weighing less than 16 megabytes , so take precautions. Although you can do it with an external app to compress it and make sure it does not deteriorate its quality when reproduced.

Post long videos to WhatsApp status using an App on iPhone and Android

You can also share to your state those videos that are long in time and that do not make you repeat the procedure of dividing it into several parts; being a simpler and more comfortable way for most users, since less time is wasted and a more effective result is achieved . We will show you how 3 of these apps work and what you must do to take advantage of them.

Use Video Compressor

Generally, if we try to send a video longer than three minutes, WhatsApp will suggest that we shorten it. So the question would be: How could we send a long video without WhatsApp shortening it?

Another important point to clarify is that the ‘Compress’ option  offered by the WhatsApp application is not a viable or practical solution, since in the long run we would not have the results we want.

That is why below we will give you some super simple, practical and effective options on how to achieve it, which will help you send videos of more than three minutes.

All you have to do to upload a long video to your WhatsApp status is:

  • First, we will download a simple application called ‘Video Compressor’ that will allow us the option of compressing RAR files on Android phones in three different sizes, as the case may be.
  • Once downloaded, we will open it and choose the video we want to upload and compress it into the smallest size option of the three options.
  • Tap the ‘LOW’ option and compress it to 224×128 size, we suggest you save the original video.
  • The next step would be to send the video as we normally would, from WhatsAppor from the reel.

Using SplitVideo

This is an application with which you can reduce or compress the duration of a video so that it uploads without problems to our WhatsApp status. You can search for it in the application store on your mobile (Google Play Store or App Store); you install it and you can start using it.

To compress your video you just have to enter SplitVideo, go to the option to import video and select the one you like; later it is required to establish the new start and close times , from there you click on ‘Split or trim’ and that’s it; The video will be created as we wanted to publish in the WhatsApp status.

Use WhatsCut Pro +

You can install this perfect application to trim or divide those long videos into counted parts of 30 seconds each. It is available in the Google Play Store, from there you can download it for your mobile and start using it.

After having installed it, you must enter it and it will direct you to the gallery, where you must select the video to share in the state; then you will have two options, either cut it all into short segments or place a part of it. Here begins the process of transformation or conversion of the video.

Once finished, WhatsCut Pro + will take you directly to the WhatsApp status section where you can upload it without any problem and already adapted for this function.

How to upload a long video already compressed to your WhatsApp status?

You may have a video that you have previously compressed and want to upload it to your WhatsApp status. In that case, the steps you must follow are:

  • Access the WhatsApp application and select the ‘States’ option. There you should see a window where you can view the statuses that your contacts have published.
  • Just above you will see the option ‘Add to my status’, press this option.
  • At this point, your device’s camera will open. If what you want is to upload a video recorded by you, then press the ‘capture’ button and while you press it, your camera will be recording the video.
  • Now if what you want is to mount a video in your state that you have seen on YouTube or on another platform, then you must download the video and to publish it follow the steps given above.

In case you can not send videos to your WhatsApp status, there are solutions that will help you to solve them effectively so that you can enjoy with family and friends the witty videos of your status. We hope that all the suggestions that we have provided in this article have been easy, useful and practical for you, if you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to access the official WhatsApp page.

Finally, we encourage you to continue entering the wonderful world of technology, which does not stop and continues to create and innovate for the total pleasure and benefit of people like you.

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