How to troubleshoot the fax in an All – in-One Printer

The fax on your all-in-one printer is really useful when it’s working properly. Getting your faxing skills back requires a troubleshooting process that moves through the possible causes of a problem and comes to a solution. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the fax on an all-in-one printer. Things You Will Need

How to troubleshoot the fax in an All – in-One Printer


Plug the power cords in, press the power buttons on and get everything up and running. It sounds simple, but the lack of power is the culprit often enough.

check for a telephone connection in the correct input socket. Some fax-capable printers have more than one telephone jack so you can connect an answering machine or other telephone “downstream” from the printer. Consult the instruction manual to determine the right connection for your printer.

swap the all-in-one printer for a work phone to find out if the problem is in the phone line coming from the wall. Once you plug in your phone, you should get a dial tone if the line works. Remember to reconnect the all-in-one printer after you’re done.

Open the machine and examine the feed path for faxed documents. Eliminate any obstacles you may find. Repeat this step with the paper tray and the path the copy paper takes with the all-in-one printer.

Check the fax number of the recipient. Also get your correct fax number to the people who need it.

review your instructions for use and eliminate the possibility of human error. Inadvertently skipping a step or misinterpreting the operation could be creating a problem that is simple to fix.

Run through any system specific troubleshooting scheme that is recommended by the all-in-one printer manufacturer.


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