How to send a fax from an All – in-One Printer

Sending faxes from an all-in-one printer is a breeze once you have the machine plugged into a phone line. After that you can get hard copies of your documents quickly, which is a real lifesaver when you have a looming Friday deadline. Follow these steps to send a fax from an all-in-one: what you need

How to send a fax from an All – in-One Printer

1.Connect your all-in-one printer to a working telephone line. Go to the printer setup menu if necessary to complete any other tasks in the startup process.

Saves the printer memory station ID. The ID will be printed on the cover and all other pages that are faxed from your computer. Some printers allow you to create custom comment sets that you can automatically include on the cover as well.

Feed the documents you want to fax into your all-in-one printer. The correct orientation of the pages depends on the printer, but as usual, it is face down.

Choose the appropriate resolution for your document. Small type, small line details and images require higher resolutions than normal.

Wait for the printer to automatically adjust the contrast if you are not faxing an unusually light or dark document. If necessary, adjust manually for special situations.

Establish a dial tone. If your all-in-one printer shares the line with another phone, make sure the phone is off the line.

Use the control panel to dial the fax number or to access any stored pre-numbers. Some printers allow you to store fax numbers – the equivalent of speed dial

Wait for the printer fax light to go on. . Beeps, lights and display panel messages are the most common ways an all-in-one lets you know it’s ready to go.

Press the start button and let the fax begin.


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