How to transfer phonebook from Android to iPhone

Switching from Android to iOS requires a higher level of attention than simply switching phones with the same operating system. You run the risk of losing your data along the way, including contacts, messages and photos. Indeed, sometimes you just have to give up, as in the case of transferring WhatsApp chats , unless you use paid programs.

Fortunately, transferring the phone book from Android to iPhone is a simple and affordable operation. Are you having difficulty completing the transition? In this article we explain how to do it.

How to transfer phonebook from Android to iPhone: 5 different ways

To transfer the phone book contacts from Android to iPhone there are at least 5 different procedures:

  1. Download the official “Switch to iOS” app
  2. Google account synchronization
  3. Creating a VCF file
  4. The use of the SIM card
  5. The use of a third party app

Below we will illustrate the steps to follow to successfully complete the transfer of your address book from the old Android smartphone to the new iPhone.

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  1. Use the Switch to iOS app

There are few official Apple apps on the Google Play Store, Switch to iOS is one of them. As the name suggests, it is the application designed to facilitate the transition from Android to iOS. From contacts to photos, from messages to videos, from accounts to calendars, everything can be transferred quickly and easily.

Here is the procedure to follow to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone :

  1. Download the Switch to iOS app from Google Play
  2. Press on ” Migrate data from Android” in the ” Apps and data ” screen during the initial configuration of the iPhone *
  3. Open the Switch to iOS app on your Android phone
  4. Tap ” Continue” and tap ” Accept ” to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of use
  5. Press ” Next” on the ” Find your code ” screen to send a temporary 6 or 10 digit code to the iPhone
  6. Wait to view the code on the iOS device, then write it down on the Android smartphone
  7. Select ” Contacts” in the list of items on the ” Data Transfer ” screen on the Android device and tap ” Next ” to confirm
  8. Wait for the complete loading of the address book indicated by the bar on the iPhone
  9. Press on ” Finish” on the Android smartphone when loading is complete, then on ” Continue ” on the iOS device to complete the configuration

in case of setup already completed, reset the iPhone to factory settings and restart it

Note : The procedure may fail if you lose your Wi-Fi connection, open an app other than Switch to iOS on your Android phone during the switch, or receive a phone call. If this happens, restart both devices and try again.

  1. Synchronize your Google account

Another way to move the contacts in the address book to the iOS device is to synchronize the Google account in use on the Android smartphone. This is a very simple operation that takes only a few minutes.

These are the steps to transfer phonebook from Android to iPhone with Google account sync :

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone
  2. Select ” Password and Account“, then ” Add Account ” and then ” Google “
  3. Enter the email address and password of the Google account you intend to add to the iOS device
  4. Select ” Contacts” from the data you want to sync and tap ” Save ” to confirm
  5. Wait for the operation to finish and verify that the contacts have been transferred correctly

Important : on all Android devices the synchronization of the Google account is set automatically from the initial configuration of the device. In the unlikely event that you have disabled it, you will need to proceed with manual synchronization. To do this, go to ” Settings “, then to ” Accounts ” (or ” Users and accounts “), select the profile you want, then press in quick succession on ” Account synchronization “, ” Other ” and ” Synchronize now “.

  1. Create a VCF file

Another alternative to transfer your address book from an Android phone to an iPhone is to create a VCF file , on which to save the contacts present and then send it to the iOS device. The operation, like the others already described above, is of disarming ease:

  1. Take your Android smartphone and open the address book
  2. Touch the three dots icon and select ” Phone Book Sharing” from the drop-down menu that opens
  3. Add the check mark next to “ All (s)” to select all hosted contacts from the address book
  4. Tap ” Share” at the bottom center to start the sharing process
  5. Choose the ” File” sharing mode to create the file in .vcf format
  6. Finally, select one of the many methods to transfer the file to the iPhone (via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.)
  7. Open the file called ” vcf” automatically on the iOS device to automatically add all the contacts included in the file to the address book

Note : The above steps were performed with a Samsung smartphone (model A52). The rumors may differ based on the brand of the phone, but roughly the procedure remains the same on all Android devices.

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  1. Use your SIM

There is also another possibility to move the Android phonebook to iPhone , and to offer it is the phone SIM inserted in the smartphone. It is very useful if you have problems with your Google account or, for one reason or another, you are unable to access the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Furthermore, it represents the ideal solution for all users who do not want to use their Google profile to complete the operation.

On the Samsung Galaxy A52 phone used for our test today we followed these steps:

    1. Open the smartphone address book
    2. Touch the three dots at the top right and select ” Manage contacts” from the drop-down menu that opens
    3. Tap on the option ” Move contacts
    4. Add the check mark next to ” Phone” or ” Google ” in the first step *
    5. Touch the circle next to ” Select all” to select all the contacts in the address book and press ” Done ” to go on
    6. Add the check mark next to ” SIM” and tap ” Move ” to move the contacts to the SIM
  1. Take out the SIM from the Android phone and insert it into the iPhone

you have to choose the location from where you want to move the contacts

  1. Use a third party app

If with none of the previous solutions you were able to transfer the address book from Android to iPhone, the use of a third-party app remains as a last resort. Among the many available on Google Play and App Store, we would like to recommend the download of Copy My Data , which can be downloaded for free on Android smartphones ( download from PlayStore ) and on iPhone ( download from AppStore ).

Important : Copy My Data may not work on the latest generation iPhones (from iPhone 12 onwards, so to speak). In this case, we suggest using the official Switch to iOS application described at the beginning of the article.

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