How to store tires

The unused tires , but not to burn, should be stored under the best conditions in order not to dry out and ruin: you know what are the tricks to know? Let’s find out how to best preserve car tires.

Out of season tires

Now the period is approaching when you can change tires, and it’s time to fit the summer tires, but where to put the winter tires?

Many people leave this task to the tire dealer, especially since 4 tires (or 2) take up a lot of space in the garage, and not everyone has one; but what is really the best way to keep tires out of season?

The first aspect you need to pay attention to is whether to store tires with rims or without: in any case, know that it is not enough to put them somewhere covered with a sheet but you have to choose the right place.

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Tire storage: the perfect place

To store the tires, do not forget to choose a ventilated and dry room , away from direct sunlight and with the right temperature (the top would be between 15 and 25 °).

With this in mind, it is also essential to keep the tires away from heat sources such as ovens and boilers, electrical sources such as motors, or sources of ozone such as transformers. Likewise, keep them away from solvents, hydrocarbons, paints, acids, pesticides and petroleum derivatives.

Choosing to store tires outdoors is a bad choice, and is equivalent to throwing them away, especially if they spend an entire season like this: sun, rain and various atmospheric events in fact increase the aging of the tire, making it unusable.

Tire storage: the right location

Tires without rims must be positioned vertically

During storage, the tires must keep their original shape, which is why the arrangement of tires without rims is different from those with rims.

The latter in fact must be hung (or stacked) using special hooks that you can easily find in shops, at the supermarket or online. Conversely, tires without rims must be positioned vertically and also rotated, at least monthly.

Also remember not to store tires under other objects as they could easily deform.

How to store tires: useful tips

The tires of your car are the first guarantee of your safety on the road : to keep them well (and therefore save money) after identifying the perfect place you must store them following a specific cleaning procedure.

The first thing to do with out-of-season tires before storing them is wash them : just use a little car soap, warm water, a sponge or a delicate brush.

If you prefer, you can also use water under pressure, especially if the rim is mounted, but keep a safety distance of at least 30 cm so as not to destroy the rubber.

During washing it is essential to remove any stones (or material) deposited between the blocks of the tread, and then let the tire dry thoroughly before setting it aside.


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