How to convert an image to 300 dpi in Photoshop online

Make sure your photos are printed in the best quality. Therefore, we will teach you some tricks so that you can convert an image at 300 dpi in Photoshop online . You can change its resolution and get incredible photos.

printable image or photo can seem like something very simple to do, as easy as printing anything else you want. It is important that you know what the dpi is and how to change it , since setting a DPI in the wrong way can cause the photos to end up bright, low quality and even blurry.

The dpi What is it?

They are the dots per inch, that is, the specification for printing and resolution settings for printing an image. Therefore, the DPI setting ensures the dots that the printer drops for every square centimeter of some image. Its function is to determine the quality of the print and the size of the print.

For example, print quality is determined according to its higher DPI, as the quality of your print will be of excellent quality. It should be noted that most domestic prints are produced at 300 dpi, on the contrary, printers that are professional work with a higher quality.

On the other hand, what has to do with the size of the print; the DPI determines how wide the image will be to print. And it is that a pixel in a digital image is equivalent to a point of a print.

For example, if you want to print some 1800 pixel wide image that is 300 dots per inch; Your image is printed with a width of 6 inches. But, if you print a 180 DPI image, your image will be 10 inches wide .

What is the DPI you should use?

One of the standard rules is that the image should aim at around 300 DPI; in this way the photograph will be seen in high quality and thus the amount of detail will be questionable at the level of the human eye.

But, if on the contrary the image is smaller than 300 DPI to print, the image display will be according to the resolution you need and without losing the quality of the photograph.

For example, if what you need is to print images for framing or posters with a resolution of 200 DPI, the photo will look good; because these will almost always be observed from afar.

Therefore, if your purpose is that the image is to be observed from afar; Like a billboard displayed across the street, the resolution may be low; even up to 20 dots per inch.

How to Convert an Image to 300 DPI Using Photoshop

But, if your purpose is to print a photograph with a more tangible purpose , such as a printed document; what you should do is follow these steps.

  1. Go to Photoshop Online and select edit photo now .
  2. Then select the image by clicking upload image . After that, the dialog box appears; in this you will find all the images of your documents.
  3. Once there, click on the image you want to convert to 300 DPI , so the image will open in Photoshop.
  4. Next, click on the options box under Change image size. To modify these options in the Px box write according to the size you need.
  5. On the other hand, in the resolution box write 300. Once the height and width figures are here, it will be the size in which the image will be printed with a DPI of 300.
  6. Click download and then apply image edits.
  7. Finally in the drop-down menu, select download and in this way the file will be saved in 300 DPI. Ready to print.

NOTE:  DPI cannot be too low ; so that the image quality is not degraded. Now that you know how to convert an image to 300 DPI using Photoshop online, you will surely enjoy printing many photos.


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