How the car rear view camera works

What are rear cameras for cars ? How do they work ? The rear view camera works like a real electronic eye and is mounted on the vehicle to always have under control what is happening around, and specifically, behind it.

Find out everything there is to know about reversing cameras by reading the article.

Choose cars with rear view cameras

Cervical problems, vision problems, insecurity, poor visibility from the rear window and inability to use rear-view mirrors properly: the reasons why the rear view camera is useful are really different and always valid, since this electronic aid increases safety ours and those outside the vehicle.

Whether it’s an additional dash cam or vehicle equipment, the rear view camera is a camera that points directly to the road behind you and shows you what’s happening in real time.

These aids may seem obvious but they are a real asset for those unfamiliar with reversing maneuvers and hate parking operations.

How the car rear view camera works

Now that we have clarified why this electronic eye is useful (in some cases even indispensable) to provide a clear view in real time of everything that happens behind the car, know that the images taken are immediately transmitted on the display installed in the car. cockpit . This choice makes the presence of a rear view camera a concrete help in everyday driving.

How does the rear view camera really work ? To show you what is happening, the House mounts a camera near the license plate, which is very little visible, and thanks to the dedicated power supply system, connected to the electric one of the car, it is activated by engaging the reverse gear (or with a button) .

The rear view camera in fact comes into operation as soon as the car is started and is synchronized with it; in addition, to support the action of the reversing cameras there are the parking sensors, which emit sounds in correspondence with possible obstacles.

Types of rear cameras

There are various models of rear cameras, and each differs for particular characteristics:

  • screen size
  • practicality
  • technology in use

Remember that rear cameras can be aftermarket or serial add-ons: this type is often the best, but also the most inconvenient and expensive to replace (or repair) in case of breakage or failure.

A curiosity: in the USA from 1 May 2018 every new production car is legally fitted with a rear view camera on the decision of the NHTSA (American organization for road safety).


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