10 characteristics of the cars of the future

The cars of the future will be electric, hybrid and hydrogen . So it was said until a few years ago. Today the definition is still correct, but incomplete. Yes, because technological progress does not stop and, especially as regards cars, it is no longer limited to energy sources, but touches on many other aspects. In short, in new car dealerships we will see ultra-modern machines : smart, intelligent and above all increasingly connected.

It will guide you online

The first offers are already on the market now, but let’s get used to a small invasion by the so-called “online models” between now and 2020 . Suffice it to say that at the 2015 edition of the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, the main world exhibition dedicated to consumer electronics, there were also a dozen car manufacturers. In addition, partnerships between the technology and automotive industries are increasing; the most prestigious is the Open Automotive Alliance, signed twelve months ago between Google, 28 manufacturers (including Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ford and Mazda)and numerous IT companies to make the use of technology in new cars safer by integrating the Android operating system. It is estimated that in 2015 the turnover of “online cars” will already be 11 billion dollars . And we are only at the beginning …

And the sources of energy?

But what will power the cars of the future? According to experts, petrol and diesel are already part of the distant past: there is no future planning for hydrocarbons, while for hydrogen we are still far behind in experimentation. The electric cars , then, are the solution? Maybe. Great strides have been made in recent years, there is full awareness among motorists, but there is still a long way to go for the definitive market boom . Battery life and costs need to be optimized and there is still no widespread distribution of recharging systems throughout the territory.

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The new cars of the future: the decalogue of Forbes

In summary, what will be the key features of the cars of the future? This was established by the American magazine Forbes, which drew up its own decalogue.

  1. Partially autonomous. In the sense that by 2020 it is unlikely that it will proceed without a driver , but it will be able to do so on straight roads and without traffic.
  2. Priority automation over human commands. Especially in emergencies, thanks to sensors, the car will brake by itself.
  3. No more keys. The cars of the future will start with voice commands or by fingerprint.
  4. Insurance 24h / 24h. Reduced rates for those who accept complete monitoring of their driving style.
  5. Car with eyes. A navigation system will be introduced that “sees” obstacles before the driver sees them.
  6. Stopping the car remotely. Technology already existing in the US: stolen cars are “blocked”.
  7. Health monitoring by default. Seat belts and power steering capable of monitoring vital functions, with a connection, via the Internet, to hospitals.
  8. Exceptional performance. Lightweight (carbon fiber) and very powerful machines.
  9. Always connected. As explained in the second paragraph.
  10. Mix between Suv and sedan. There is already a lot of demand for this innovative segment today.


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