How to share my Steam game library with friends?

If everything related to the world of virtual games catches your attention , you have to download Steam and register as soon as possible . Thanks to this, you will be able to share your game library with all your friends and family as many times as you want.

Since, this platform offers you this new functionality so that other people make the decision to buy a game that you have already purchased . If you want to learn how to do it with a few simple steps, you have to stay with us.

How to share my STEAM game library with friends? – Fast and easy

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  1. How can I share my games?
    1. Activating the ‘Family loan’ option in the Steam parameters
    2. Logging in to the account to be shared to
  2. With how many accounts and teams can I share my games at the same time?
    1. With 5 different accounts
    2. On 10 different devices
  3. What limitations does Steam Family Loan have?

How can I share my games?

If you want to share the games on the Steam store with your friends and family, you can do so without much hassle or hassle with the library.

Of course, you have to configure a couple of options beforehand so that everything works correctly. Adding Steam Guard so you can link the account of the other person with whom you are interested in sharing this type of content. In any case, in this section we indicate the process in greater detail.

Activating the ‘Family loan’ option in the Steam parameters

Now, if you are tired of downloading Xbox games from your console , you can use the Steam service and activate the family loan option so that other people know what this platform is about.

To achieve this, the first thing you must do is access your personal account and then go to the Account Settings menu. From there, you’re going to click on an option that says Manage Steam Guard Account Security.

Next, you have to locate the Family tab that is within the same options of the Configuration panel. For this reason, we see a box on the screen that you have to activate and that says Authorize library sharing on this computer. This will mean that you can start sharing this type of content with the people you want and as many times as you consider necessary.

Logging in to the account to be shared to

Once you have done all these steps, it is time to log out of your Steam account so that the person you share the games with, enters their own account. Ideally, when you log in, the person will see the entire list of your games but within your own library, great, don’t you think?

Of course, you have to keep in mind that as soon as the person with whom you shared the library enters their account, you will receive a notification .

In which, the platform will indicate to you by means of an email that access to one of the games is being requested. Once you open this email, you will have to click on the text link so that you grant your permission and the person can enjoy their game without problem.

With how many accounts and teams can I share my games at the same time?

When you make use of the Steam Family Library Sharing feature, you can share your games with others but there are certain limitations that you should be aware of .

So, pay close attention to the following section so that you are aware of all this. Only in this way will you avoid unexpected surprises when you use Steam with third parties. Remember that you can deactivate or delete your account at any time you see fit.

With 5 different accounts

On Steam, you have the opportunity to authorize Family Loan on up to 5 different accounts that will be able to benefit from your game library.

Of course, if one of your relatives is playing, you as the owner of the account will always have priority within the platform. So if you go online and want to play the same game, the other person will be notified that their account is going to be closed and therefore the game.

On 10 different devices

On the other hand, Steam authorizes the family loan on up to 10 different devices but with the condition that only one person can play at a given time. For this reason, your friends will not be able to play the same game and have to wait for the other person to completely disconnect to do so.

What limitations does Steam Family Loan have?

While it’s true, Steam is great at allowing you to share your game library with your loved ones. However, there are some limitations and restrictions of use that guarantee the success of this platform. One of these aspects has to do with the request for permissions when playing any game.

In the event that someone wants to get permission to play , you can restrict them if you do not allow them within the notification email that will arrive in your inbox. Likewise, users will be warned when you are playing your favorite game so that they do not enter or have to close their session.

On the other hand, not all games on Steam can be shared . Such as those that come from a third-party application or that have a subscription plan because the platform does not authorize them.



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