How to move and merge folders on MacOS without losing my documents?

Believe it or not, moving and merging folders in macOS used to be very complex due to pop-ups or questions that interrupt users so much.


Fortunately, Apple developers have worked on this problem and now it is possible to perform this task in a very simple and enjoyable way. Above all, if you want to get more storage space by uninstalling the applications  you don’t use and merging the folders every time you need it.

How to move and merge folders in MACOS without losing my documents?

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  1. Why does merging folders free up space on my Mac?
  2. What does the Ditto command mean on MacOs?
  3. How to merge folders on MacOs?
    1. Folders with the same name
    2. With folders of different names
  4. How to merge folders on MacOs with the help of Finder?

Why does merging folders free up space on my Mac?

We know that when you have a lot of multimedia content such as music, movies, documents and downloads, the Mac system becomes really slow . It is not only that, the storage space that can be used to store more relevant things is also affected.

It is for this reason that by combining your folders within the operating system, it is possible to free up space by eliminating all unnecessary files.

However, you can also try downloading and updating the MacOS Mojave operating system for more efficient results. But keep in mind, that just by merging your folders you will appreciate a big difference that will make your Mac operate faster .

What does the Ditto command mean on MacOs?

Generally, MacOS users tend to use the cp command whenever they need to copy their files and directories . However, there is a much more powerful command found in Mac OS X called Ditto.

With its use, you will be able to easily copy files/folders and merge your directories and content to their source site. In case there isn’t a source directory as such, Ditto will take care of creating it for you.

Since, it works in an automated way and even follows symbolic links and preserves the property permissions of each of the files. All these positive aspects make the folders or files copied exactly with Ditto and will make your life much easier. Remember that if you work a lot with macOS, you can  activate the dark mode to highlight the content and protect your eyes.

How to merge folders on MacOs?

It has happened to all of us that we create a folder and then forget that we have it, creating a new one with the same name. To improve this, you can combine them if you have MacOS installed on your computer, merging or combining the folders very easily. 

If you follow the steps that we will teach you below. Look, performing this procedure will save you a lot of headaches, storing all your content in the most effective way possible.

Folders with the same name

If you are interested in combining two folders with the same name, the first thing you have to do is select the first folder to be moved to the second. Then, you have to hold down the Option key so that you proceed to drag folder 1 to folder 2.

By doing this, you will see a pop-up window on the screen which you must press on the button that says Combine. In case there are the same files, we press where it says Replace.

With folders of different names

If the file folders have different names, you can change them or just have the same items without changing the name . Of course, you can also delete the files from one of the two folders of your choice. To achieve this type of result, you have to open the two folders and in one of them delete the elements using the command + A.

Now, you have to drag the contents of the first folder to the second one and delete the empty folder so that it doesn’t take up any more storage space on your Mac. In the scenario that you want to keep both files, you can add the word copy to the end of names so you can easily tell them apart.

How to merge folders on MacOs with the help of Finder?

With Finder, you can merge folders if you’re using Mac OS X version 10.7 . Appealing for this hidden option to combine what you suddenly did not know.

If you want to access, the first thing you have to do is look for the Option key while dragging and dropping the folders of your selection until you see a popup with the button that says Merge. It’s that simple to merge your folders because Finder takes care of doing the whole procedure for you.

Also, Finder will keep a copy of the folder on your desktop and if you want to delete it, you can use any of the Mac commands without problem. Of course, this process can also be executed through the Terminal tool on your Mac, you decide which alternative best suits your immediate



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