How To Share Games on Steam And Play At The Same Time

Today we are going to see how to share games on Steam and play at the same time. . Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, although there are certain limitations with this mode which you must take into account.Surely at that time when physical games were the most popular option, once you finished it, you would lend it to a friend or family member. It is something quite normal that we have all done at some time.

In this age of digital gaming and especially on Steam , this can also be done, although it is a bit more complicated. The platform has a ” Family Mode ” where you can borrow all the games you have in its library.

However, there are certain limitations that you must take into account when doing so. Many people think of using this mode to purchase a game only once and play with their friends or family, although this is not entirely possible.

But we are going to go into a little more detail below, so that in this way there is no doubt. We will explain how to configure the family mode and then we will see what can and cannot be done in this mode.

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  1. How to share games on Steam
  2. Limitations of family mode

How To Share Games on Steam And Play At The Same Time.

To be able to share the games, you will first have to make some settings in your account to accelerate and increase the download speed . We have two options to do this.

How To Share Games on Steam And Play At The Same Time

  • The first option is for the two people to meet and log into their computer with your Steam credentials and authorize that computer with your account.
  • Another option is that you directly provide your account information to another person and when they log in, send them the authorization code.
  • You must keep in mind when using Family Loan on Steam, you must trust the other person to use your account. In theory, if the other person is trustworthy, there shouldn’t be any kind of problem.
  • How to authorize a team in family mode
  • The first thing you will have to do is enter ” Parameters” and then from the left sidebar you will have to click on ” Family “.
  • In this section what we must do is go to ” Authorize this team” and then we will have to check the box of the account with which the games will be shared.
  • That would be all you have to do to be able to authorize another team and enjoy the family mode, although as we mentioned it has some other limitation.

Limitations of family mode

There are certain limitations regarding the family mode. Therefore, it is really very important that you know them and keep them in mind to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Some games cannot be shared, you will appreciate that they are not accessible.
  • You can only authorize 5 accounts, on 10 different computers.
  • Unfortunately you cannot play at the same time, the owner of the account will always have priority.
  • The DLCs for shared games are also not playable.

So as you will see, if you want to play at the same time with the family mode, this is impossible. The Steam platform obviously has everything configured so that this is not feasible, since in this way it would be quite easy to buy a single game and play it between five people.

How To Share Games on Steam And Play At The Same Time

We hope that you will have no doubts about how to share games on Steam with the family mode and especially with the theme of playing at the same time. It is a pity that it is not possible, but it is clear that this should be so.

Remember that if you still have any questions about Steam’s family mode to share my game library, you can leave it a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you.

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