New World: how to share missions with friends

Here’s what you need to know about mission sharing in New World. Will your friends help you to complete all those tasks that you have pending?

César Rebolledo ·14:00 10/4/2021

With New World we get, once again, in a fantasy world of medieval court. This time we do it in an MMORPG, which means that we can play with our friends to complete missions. But can we really share our missions with friends?

This is what you should know about sharing missions with friends.

How to complete main missions with friends in New World

To be able to share main missions there is only one system , which we will discuss below:


  • Make sure that you and the friends you want to play with are on the same server.
  • At the start of the game complete the first mission(in the tutorial, on the beach), but do not accept the second .
  • Now you must form a group with your friends and accept the second mission.
  • You should bear in mind that you may be in quite far places, so it may take a while to meet.
  • Once you are all the members of the group, accept the second mission from the same NPCand you can follow the same chain of missions.
  • There is no other safe way to share main missions rightfrom the start.
  • If you have already advanced in your main quest chain, you will have to wait to be sent to the same area to do main quests, at which point you can agree again to accept the same major chain.
  • Keep in mind that a player may not be eligible for a mission, depending on details such as his faction, so it is best to start from the beginning and play in the same faction.

How to complete side missions with friends in New World

To be able to share secondary missions , the thing is much more lame than in the main topic:

  • You cannot share your secondary, although it is possible that you accept it. That is, even if you have secondary A1 activated, you will not be able to activate it so that your group can complete it, unless they have accepted A1.
  • However, a player who is in your partycan meet the objectives of A1 even if they do not have the mission . For example, if you have to eliminate wolves and your party partner eliminates them, your mission will advance.
  • Keep in mind that a player will not receive quest rewardsunless they have the side quest active and turn it in, of course.

Will it be possible to share missions directly in the future?

We cannot guarantee it . Since this is a mechanic generally used to facilitate cooperative play, it is possible that something will be implemented later that will speed up mission sharing, but nothing is certain.


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