How to set up your iPhone

iPhone is not only a media center for all entertainment, but also a great work tool with essential applications. But such a tool simply won’t be practical unless it is properly configured for productive work. Did you pay attention to the ever swearing acquaintances who, even during a break at work, are forced to answer messages, read mail, send something? So, it is believed that business is time, and fun is an hour. And I totally agree with this proverb. Today we will tell you how to properly set up your iPhone in order to concentrate as much as possible on work, not to drown in notifications, and also remind you of the simple methods of setting up your smartphone so that it does not distract you from business once again.

A small checklist on how to set up your iPhone to be more productive


  • 1How to set up Focus on iPhone
  • 2Disable notifications on iPhone
  • 3Airplane mode on iPhone
  • 4How to set up the App Store
  • 5How to disable lifting for activation
  • 6IPhone Wallpaper
  • 7Screen time on iPhone

How to set up Focus on iPhone

We have talked more than once about this handy feature in iOS 15, which can save you from sitting in your smartphone. And my colleague, the author of Artem Rakhmatullin devoted a separate article to her – be sure to study it. Nevertheless, many are skeptical about “Focusing”, and in vain: in it you can use the built-in focusing plans, as well as create your own.

Try Focusing! You will definitely like it

This not only helps you stay focused on your work, but also significantly reduces battery consumption . My friends and I have different time zones, so they go to bed much later. At night I activate “Focus” and in the morning I receive all notifications from social networks. It’s much easier than turning on / off notifications or Wi-Fi connection every time.

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Disable notifications on iPhone

Many users of our Telegram chat are still loyal to iOS 14 or don’t take Focus seriously. Regardless, iOS provides many simple yet straightforward features to help you stay focused on work. One of them is interacting with notifications directly from the locked screen.

You can turn off notifications for the user directly from the locked screen

Whether on iOS 14 or on iOS 15, you can easily turn them off for an hour or for the whole day, as well as immediately go to the notification settings menu when things are urgent. This is a convenient option for the case when, for example, your iPhone is connected via AirPlay to the monitor, but one of your friends wrote you something personal. This, of course, is not worth bringing.

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Airplane mode on iPhone

Airplane mode is the toughest method of shutting down everything when there is no time to figure it out.

In some situations, we are suddenly bombarded with notifications and calls of all sorts. There is absolutely no time for “Focusing” here: airplane mode is the best way not to be distracted from business. For example, you came to the consulate of another country, and there, as a rule, it is customary to turn off the phone . Do not forget that airplane mode helps not only with work, but also during short breaks. It can help you avoid intrusive ads in games.

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How to set up the App Store

Even the App Store with its own ratings may be completely at the wrong time.

At the most inopportune moments, not the most needed notifications come. Appraising an app in the App Store is one of them. And this push will haunt you until you do it. Disconnect it and life will become much easier.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select App Store;
  • Turn off the slider next to Ratings and Reviews.

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How to disable lifting for activation

Raising to activate on iPhone is just distracting

All new iPhones have this feature turned on by default: the screen lights up when you pick up this device. I don’t see anything useful in it. It also drains the battery when you just pick up your smartphone. During operation, it just once again allows you to look into the locked screen, and then everything is like a fog. Bottom line: while you sit up in applications, time is wasted. Disable.

  • Go to Settings;
  • Select “Screen and Brightness”;
  • Disable the slider next to Raise to Activate.

You are now in charge, not your smartphone.

IPhone Wallpaper

Black background is our everything!

I once complained that iOS developers completely forgot about cool wallpapers . But this is very important. For example, my friends haven’t changed their iPhone wallpaper for months – I don’t understand them. Wallpaper in a smartphone affects concentration. Discreet wallpapers, for example, a black background, noticeably reduce the desire to sit on the smartphone, and beautiful colorful ones make you constantly distracted. If you want to give the maximum during working hours, then put a black background. IPhone owners with OLED screens will also save some battery power.

Screen time on iPhone

Still, there is little benefit from Screen Time

At first, this function was loved and actively praised, but until then, until they got used to it. I myself noticed that in the long run, it is not able to teach you to use your iPhone less, it only eats up the battery. But if you feel like it’s time to cut back on your phone use, then be sure to give it a try and add a widget to your screen. If you don’t manage to reduce the time you use your iPhone, then at least you will know how much time you spend in it per day.


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