How to set up Google Authenticator

We are going to explain how to configure Google Authenticator , a tool created by Google to protect user accounts so that an unwanted third party does not enter and may violate the privacy of the content. The protection procedure is carried out through a single-use security code that you must enter each time you log into Google or the account that is protected by the tool.

Today, the use of two-factor authentication , such as the one offered by Google Authenticator, is the most effective way to add an additional layer of protection to any account of an online service that we use and that is compatible, thus avoiding the theft of information, impersonations, phishing attacks and any other type of electronic crime that happens in digital media.

When you use the Google Authenticator application you can have it linked to your Google account on the phone and thus be able to easily obtain the six-digit code that must be added to enter the account , in addition to your password. In this way, if someone could fraudulently obtain your account password, it will still be impossible for them to enter since they will not have access to the additional verification code.

You will need a mobile to access your Google account: there will be no other way

This is a tool that you can use both on a smartphone with an Android operating system, and on an iPhone.

Activate 2-Step Verification

Before configuring Google Authenticator, you need to previously activate the identity verification through mobile and activate the verification function in two steps, so that the account can support the additional security layer and if not, you will not have the benefits of security of this app. We explain how to do it:

  1. Go to your mobile or computer and enter your Google account, then enter the “Security” section , then you must choose the “Two-step verification” option .
  1. By clicking on that option, you will have to enter your Google password again to ensure that you agree to activate the new security layer.
  1. Now choose the device from the list and confirm, there you will receive a secure message with a code , which you must add in the field that is on the screen and confirm that it is your choice.

Basically, we are facing a system like activating the verification in two steps of Gmail , but that applies to the entire Google account.

Procedure to configure Google Authenticator on a mobile

The procedure to configure Google Authenticator is quite simple and you will not need to be an expert in applications to achieve it, it will be enough to follow the steps that we explain below:

  1. First of all, install the Google Authenticator app available from your device’s app store:
  2. Download Google Authenticator for Android
  1. Download Google Authenticator for iOS
  1. Once the app is installed, select the option to scan the QR code to create a new account.
  2. Now go to your computer and then you must enter your Google account , go at that time to the “Security” menu .
  3. At this point, click on the option “Two-step verification” and then you must go to the bottom of that menu, choose the option “Add more second steps to verify identity” and select “Authenticator” .
  1. Then you must go back to the Google Authenticator app and click on the “Configure” option , then you just have to follow the steps indicated until you reach the QR code.
  1. Now you only need to go to the pop- up window that appears on the computer screen and scan with your mobile , in addition to placing the six-digit code that you will see later on the same screen of your device.

It only remains for you to confirm the data and Google Authenticator will be ready to use as an additional method of protecting your information in Google and in any other tool that is compatible.

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