How to activate the dark mode in Google Maps

Google Maps finally has dark mode on the iPhone . The feature was announced in August of last summer , with a release expected in “the next few weeks” then. However, it has not been until recently that iPhone users can use the dark mode of Google Maps, since its deployment has been very slow.

How to activate dark mode in Google Maps for iPhone

Some users are receiving a notification as soon as they open Google Maps for iPhone. In it they are informed of the existence of a new function in the maps , which incorporate the dark mode. We will be presented with three options: always in light mode, always in dark mode and the same as the device settings.

This allows us different combinations, depending on what we like. The first two allow us to select the dark or light mode regardless of what we have configured. While if we like to switch between modes on the iPhone regularly, the latter is the most suitable.

If we have not received this alert or we want to modify our configuration, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile image in Google Maps, top right.
  • Select Settings, Dark Mode.
  • Choose between On, Off, or Same as on device.

And voila, you just have to go back to save your settings. If you modified the one you had configured up to that moment, you will notice the change immediately when you choose the new option.

What to do if dark mode still does not appear in Google Maps

The deployment of dark mode in Google Maps for iPhone has been frankly slow. Although it seems that in recent weeks it has accelerated, the truth is that many users still cannot use it. There are some things we can do to force it, although it is not a guarantee of success.

First of all, the easiest thing is to go to the App Store and check that we have the latest version of Google Maps. We can go to our app updates file or simply look for the app and check it in its file. The next thing we can try is to force the app to close from the iPhone multitask and open it again.

Another useful method is to log out of Google services and log in again. The last two ways to push this feature are to delete the app and download it again and turn the iPhone off and on.

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If none of this works, we will have to wait . For some unknown reason, Google has not rolled out dark mode on its maps at a higher rate.

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