How To Set Up WhatsApp Backup On Google Drive

Thanks to an agreement between Facebook (the company that owns WhatsApp ) and Google , the instant messaging service client for smartphones allows us to make backup copies of our conversations in the cloud storage service of the Mountain View company.

In this copy, we can include images and even videos , in addition to the conversations. It is something very practical and recommended, since many times we can have important things in these conversations that we do not mention elsewhere, or references to people who have contacted us, and that we still do not have in our contact list.

In addition, another incentive for making backup copies is that thanks to the same agreement mentioned above, these do not take up storage space in our Google Drive account .

Keeping them in the cloud also gives us the advantage that if we lose our smartphone, we can also recover them on a new phone , since if these copies were made only locally, by losing or damaging the device, we would also lose our backup.

With a Google account we have 15 Gigabytes to distribute between the Gmail mail store, the files stored in the Drive cloud, and other services , which we can expand as needed through very affordable payments.

Setting up access to Google Drive

If we do not have or use a Google account, we can open one specifically to back up our WhatsApp conversations . Once this is done, and with the account data in hand, we will proceed to configure it in WhatsApp.

To do this, we will access the application menu that we find in the icon of the three points visible in the upper right part of the interface , and we will click on the option Ajustes:

Once the settings are open, we have to click on the option Chats, and slide towards the bottom of the screen to find the option Copia de seguridad, on which we will press:

Once here, we must scroll down again to go to the section Ajustes de Google Drive, specifically to find the option Cuenta de Google.

If our terminal is Android, this means that we will have at least one Google account configured , so the system will give us to choose that account, one of the accounts that we have configured if we have several, or create a new account :

If we choose this last option, the system’s Google account setup wizard will open:

Once the existing account has been selected, or the new one configured, the WhatsApp client app will ask us for permission to access Google’s cloud storage, permission that we must grant in order for the system to function properly :

Once all these steps have been carried out, we will have the data warehouse configured, but we will also need to configure the periodicity of making the copies (option Guardar en Google Drive), and under what connectivity they will be carried out automatically (only Wi-Fi for save data from our operator, or indistinctly), as well as if we will include the videos (which are what occupies the most space):

Here I have to note that, at least, we must configure the option of Guardar en Google Driveas Solo cuando toco “Guardar”since, if not, it will only store the copy on the same phone, and not in the cloud .

A correct configuration of WhatsApp backups in Google Drive

Force a copy

If at a certain moment, and regardless of the automated scheduling of backups, we want to force a backup of WhatsApp conversations, we will only have to walk the same path again until we find the button Guardar, which we will press.

In this phase, the backup is being sent to Google Drive (in this case, over a Wi-Fi network)

The way to ensure that the copy has been made is to see the date and time of completion that appears once it has been sent to Google Drive :


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