10 Google Authenticator Websites For Your Saftey

The two – step verification is one of the best ways we protect our bills today. The email and password are not enough to protect it, since, if our data ends up being hacked, anyone in the world with that data can access our accounts. Luckily, there are several ways around this, and using Google Authenticator is one of the best.

Two-step verification began to be used by sending a code by SMS , which guarantees that only we will be able to access our account. Even if it is stolen from us, we can lock the SIM and avoid that. The problem with SMS is twofold. The first is that the content we receive is not encrypted, so that anyone can place a sniffer and intercept our traffic and read the messages. Secondly, we can also fall into a SIM Swapping attack and that someone who duplicates our SIM happens to receive our SMS.

Google Authenticator and other two-step authentication apps  like Microsoft Authenticator aren’t perfect either, but they’re better than SMS. The codes are generated and validated using encrypted protocols, and are renewed every 30 seconds. If we change mobile, we will have to pass the bills, but luckily there is a function in the app that allows us to transfer them. Nor would it hurt if the app had some kind of verification to enter it, such as the fingerprint.

Despite all this, we guarantee that no one will be able to take control of our accounts, and we will see some services where we can activate it, where the codes are valid even if we do not have an available connection.


The Gmail account is one of the ones that we have to protect the most; Especially because many services such as Google Drive or email depend on it, as well as Google Passwords with all our passwords. Fortunately, the service allows you to activate Authenticator, although it also has native two-step verification with Android.


PayPal is probably one of the accounts that we have to protect with the best security, since our money comes into play. The service allows you to receive SMS or verification codes in Google Authenticator, guaranteeing that only we can enter the app.


Social networks are also susceptible to these attacks. Facebook is one of the most sensitive, since, if we do not have two-step verification activated, an attacker can enter, activate it, and leave us out of the account.


Instagram also allows you to activate this two-step verification to avoid scares similar to those of Facebook, where we can lose an account with hundreds or thousands of followers that has cost us so much to get. Currently, it cannot be activated from the PC, and it must be done from the app, which is almost more convenient as it does not even have to scan the QR code.


Twitter is another very sensitive social network that we have to protect at all costs, with profiles that we may have had for more than a decade.


Accessing the computer remotely is very comfortable, but the security of this function is another of the most important because anyone with our account can have full access to our computer with TeamViewer .


Like PayPal, our Amazon account is one of the most important in terms of money management, since to facilitate purchases we usually have at least one card and even a bank account associated with it.


As a cryptocurrency portal, Binance is one of the most used for the exchange and trading of these currencies. The platform was one of the first of its kind to incorporate this two-step verification with Google Authenticator, and with it we guarantee that we will not have security problems.


The Hotmail , one of the most widely used network also allows verification in two steps with my check.


Finally, Discord , the most used chat and messaging application by gamers, also allows 2FA protection to prevent them from taking control of our account and impersonating us.


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