How to set and use Apple TV screensavers step by step

Whenever we use our mobile, personal computer or TV, we want if it is possible to show photos or images on the screen as a screen saver. And in the case of the new Apple TV it cannot be the exception. And in this article we are going to show you an option that you may not know about. To set and use Apple TV screensavers step by step.

With Apple TV you can activate this incredible option, where you can use your photos or images as a screen saver . But in addition to this, you can make use of Apple’s new Air screensaver. And this is nothing more than a series of images taken in important cities of the world, these are reproduced in slow motion and with a very high image resolution.

This is the novelty that Apple TV presents us, to be able to use these images as a screen saver and in this tutorial we will show you how to use it. If you are interested in this fascinating device, you should know that you can view your iPhone photos on Apple TV saving you on cables.

How to set and use Apple TV screensavers step by step

But if this seems like a very interesting option, we can tell you that you can also transfer your digital photos that you have saved on your PC to Apple TV so that you can use it as a screen saver.

With this function you can use the attributes offered by the Share at home option , with which it is possible to share from your iTunes library. Through the Wifi network with all devices that have permissions from the Apple ID . It is possible to share with up to 5 different devices by activating sharing on the home network.

Steps to set and use Apple TV screensavers step by step

Before starting it is important that you activate the Sharing function at home, both on iTunes and on Apple TV. Now we will tell you what you must do to activate the Home Sharing function from iTunes; and the first thing we are going to do is start the application.

Now we are going to go to the top menu and we are going to click on File; then Share at home and finally Turn on sharing at home.

If you are on a computer running Windows operating system, you must press the key combination Ctrl + B and this action will show the iTunes menu bar and follow the previous steps.

Once this is done, the welcome message and information about the function will appear on the screen and then you must confirm your wish to activate the function by clicking on Activate sharing at home.

The next step is to enter your Apple ID data, after you have the permission from iTunes, click on the option Activate sharing at home.

Finally, when the function is ready, the Done button will appear, which you must click to finish. Now we will go on to activate sharing on Apple TV .

If you are using the first models you should go to Configuration then in Computer, if your model is fourth generation.

You are going to select the Settings option, then click on Accounts and finally Share at home. Click Home Sharing, and then enter your Apple ID details that you used in iTunes.

Once the Share at home function is activated on both devices, we will   put and use the Apple TV screensavers . And for this we go to iTunes, then we go to File> Sharing at home> Choose photos to share with Apple TV. In the window that will appear, select Share photos from and choose the location of the photos.

Now you can choose All photos or Albums, once the choice is made click Apply and close the window. Now go to Apple TV and follow the path Settings> General> Screensaver> Write> Share at home , the iTunes library will be displayed, choose the folder and then select the option Set as screen saver and that’s it.


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