How to check if Skype sound is working properly

There are many applications that we can count on to communicate efficiently with other people anywhere in the world, through our PC or mobile. One of them is Skype , but sometimes these tools tend to present problems that we must solve. That is why in this article we will teach you how to check if the Skype sound works correctly.

But many will wonder how it is possible that I, a simple user, can perform this type of verification if I do not have computer knowledge.

But we can tell you that this is not necessary, since the application itself has an integrated function that allows tests to be carried out, to check the optimal operation of the application .

This for many is news that may seem sensational, since it will not be necessary to do more, just apply the test and you will know immediately what adjustment to perform. And this is what we will do in this tutorial show you the steps to carry out for this configuration for problems such as the volume being lowered when speaking on Skype.

How to check if Skype sound is working properly

It is very interesting how you can use this built-in function , which is known as a test call. Where you should look for the Echo 123 option, then you make a call to the test service, this in order to record a message. Then you will be able to play that message and you can   check if the Skype sound works correctly.

So in this way you will listen to yourself and this is how other people will listen to you, you can also through this function know what adjustments you should make in the Skype settings . We will start this tutorial, indicating the steps to follow to apply this function on a mobile phone.

Steps to check if Skype sound works properly

We will then see how to use the function on a mobile phone and the first thing we will do is enter the application, then we will click on the search button and you will write the following: Echo123 . Your results should show Echo / Sound Test Service. The next step is to click on the result and this action will open the window to start a conversation.

Once the window opens, you are going to click on the Call button and this will start a test call . The next step is to follow the instructions that the wizard will indicate, where you must leave a message after a beep. When this beep sounds again, it will indicate that the time to leave the message has ended and the message will be repeated immediately.

If you can’t hear the prompts the system gives you, this is an unequivocal sign that there is a problem with the speakers.

If, on the other hand, if you can hear the system prompts, but not the message you just recorded, you have a problem with the microphone , now to end the recording you must click on the red button and End call.

How to check if Skype sound works properly on a PC

As in the previous case, the first thing you should do is enter the application, then go to the calls option and click there. Then you must select the Audio Settings option , then hover over the contact bar and you’re going to type Echo123. And in the results the following Echo / Test Found Service will appear.

The next step is to double click on this result and then click on the Call option, the test call will start and you must follow the system instructions. Once finished, you must click on the red End call button.

As in the previous case, if you do not listen to the instructions you have problems with the speakers , if you do not listen to your message you have a problem with the microphone.

You realize how simple and easy it was to perform this check and it was not necessary for you to take any extensive course. The same application has the methods to solve possible problems with the volume   or the sound and you can check yourself if the Skype sound works correctly.


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