How To Use Apple Pay;Step By Step Guide

Learn how to use Apple Pay and which banks already support the technology that allows you to use the iPhone for card payments.Apple Pay is the contactless payment technology built into Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Watch and Macs. Payments are not necessarily made by approximation, but this is the main attraction of the feature, made possible by the use of NFC .

What is Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment technology that allows transactions at merchants, using an iPhone or Apple Watch on NFC-compatible terminals, and on websites that integrate with the Apple system, simply by authenticating the transaction via password, Face ID or Touch ID.

What is Apple Pay

After registering a credit or debit card in Apple Pay, you can leave the plastic object at home and use only your smartphone or watch to shop at markets, restaurants or other commercial establishments.

How to use Apple Pay.

registering the card

  1. First of all, you need to add the card in the app. Search for the “Wallet” app on the iPhone and open it;
  2. Tap the add (+) button in the upper right corner;
  3. Select “Continue”;
  4. Scan your card data with the camera or tap to enter information manually. Check that they are correct and confirm;
  5. You will need to verify ownership of the card, usually with the bank’s app or via SMS. Wallet will give you the information to proceed.
  6. Wait for your card to be activated. You may receive an SMS when it is added to Apple Pay;
  7. Ready! Go back to Wallet and your card will be available for use.

Paying with Apple Pay

On iPhones with Touch ID, just double-press the home button to activate Apple Pay, then enter your fingerprint and hold your phone close to the machine. For iPhones with Face ID (model X and later), double-press the Power button.

In an ideal world, all you have to do is tell the supermarket cashier you want to pay with Apple Pay or “by the way” and he’ll know what to do. These symbols indicate that a store or terminal supports payment by NFC (Apple Pay technology).

What cards are supported in Apple Pay

  • Multiple cards and Visa, Elo and Mastercard credit);
  • Visa credit and debit cards);
  • Next Bank;
  • Inter Bank;
  • Safe harbor.

For now, there is nothing from Nubank, C6 Bank, Banco Inter or even Santander. Compared to Samsung Pay , the list of cards compatible with Apple Pay is still very short, for a service that arrived in Brazil in 2018, I expected more banks, at least.

How to pay for purchases using Apple Pay;How To Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay is an excellent online payment service with such practicality and security, eliminating the need to use physical cards to make purchases — just have an iPhone or Apple Watch and bring the device to a compatible machine. In addition, you can also use it on an iPad or Mac to make in-app purchases or online stores.

A very useful tip is to use Maps on your iPhone, iPad or Mac to find establishments that accept the payment platform, just search for “Apple Pay”. Then choose a compatible device to initiate payment.

1. Pay with iPhone

To pay on an iPhone with Face ID, simply double-press the side button and authenticate the facial biometrics or passcode once the card appears. On an iPhone with Touch ID, place your finger on the biometric sensor. If you prefer to switch cards, tap the default card to see the others available and then authenticate. Finally, bring the device close to the payment machine.

How To Use Apple Pay

2. Pay with Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, press the side button twice. The default card is the first to appear, scroll down if you want to exchange it for another one. Then, hold the device close to the payment machine until you feel a tap on your wrist and hear a confirmation tone.

How To Use Apple Pay

3. Pay on websites and apps with iPhone, iPad or Mac

You can also use Apple Pay to make online payments in Safari or in apps. Make sure the site has the “Apple Pay”, “Buy with Apple Pay” or “Donate with Apple Pay” badge. When moving to the confirmation step, tap the Apple Pay button or choose the service as your payment method.

On an iPhone or iPad, double press the side button and confirm the action with Face ID or passcode. On devices with Touch ID, just use the fingerprint or the corresponding code.

If you’re using a Mac, the payment process is just as simple. If your computer has Touch ID, just place your finger on the biometric authenticator. If not, confirm payment using a Bluetooth-connected iPhone or Apple Watch with the same Apple ID.

How To Use Apple Pay

After approval, an “OK” will be displayed with a check mark on the screen. Very practical to use Apple Pay for everyday payments!


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