How to see who visits your WhatsApp profile

Can I see who visits my WhatsApp profile? Find out by reading our article!If you are wondering if there is a way to find out who controls you on WhatsApp and looks at your profile, know that there is no official method to know who is watching your chat, so be wary of apps that promise you to have this type of information. Read on if you want to know some foolproof methods to know who is watching you on WhatsApp .

As mentioned, there are no apps to see who visits your WhatsApp profile or programs to see who visits your WhatsApp Web profile : if available they are scams, so we advise you not to download anything of this type either on your smartphone or on your PC.

However, there are quite obvious and legal methods – as provided by WhatsApp – to know if anyone has seen what you post on the app.

  1. How to see who visits your WhatsApp profile
    1. Who saw your status on WhatsApp
    2. Who saw / read your chat messages
    3. Who is inside your WhatsApp chat

How to see who visits your WhatsApp profile

Although compared to other social networks and apps, there is less curiosity to know who is watching our chats on WhatsApp, you may still be curious to know who re-reads your conversations or who looks at your profile photo or who checks if you are online…. in that case put your soul in peace: there is no way to find out . Compared to Linkedin which sends you a notification with the name of the people who visit your profile, WhatsApp does (fortunately….) None of this. It would be a significant breach of privacy and not an end to the use of the app (different for Linkedin which was born as a platform to look for work and make yourself known professionally).

However, there are ” two and a half methods ” to know who interacted with us directly and unequivocally, let’s see them together:

Who saw your status on WhatsApp

This information is publicly visible as long as you have not decided to hide the read receipts from the SETTINGS> PRIVACY section. In that case, your activity being “hidden”, it will also be in the section dedicated to WhatsApp States: if you look at them no one will know and you, on the other hand, will not know who has looked at those published by you.

If you leave the read receipt active (i.e. allow the blue check to appear in the chat when you read a message), you will be able to see WHO WATCHES your Stories on WhatsApp and at what time the person in question has viewed your status.

Who saw / read your chat messages

This information is represented by the double blue tick: if the two gray ticks turn blue, it means that your message has been read by the recipient. However, know that if you have disabled the read receipt from SETTINGS> PRIVACY, you will never see the colored check on WhatsApp in general, even if the message has been read.

Who is inside your WhatsApp chat

This is a “halfway” method in the sense that it assumes that you are inside the app at the exact moment the other person is + that the other person has placed himself on the field of writing the message. Where do we want to go? At “He’s writing…”.

If you enter the main WhatsApp screen and, in the list of active chats, you see a “He is typing”, it means that the other person with whom you share the conversation is inside your chat. Maybe she is really writing a message, or more simply she could be inside to reread the messages or look at your profile picture and by mistake she placed herself with a tap in the field reserved for writing the message…. (or more simply, if no text arrives, she has decided to delete it and not send it anymore).

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