How to know who visits your Instagram profile

Instagram is a social network owned by Facebook that has been active since 2010. Its main objective is to share photos and videos with all users of the network , lately a new function called “Instagram Stories” has also been integrated and the possibility of transmit live videos (Streaming) through its platform.

This social network has an app compatible with iOS, Android and has an official page from where you can create an Instagram account , see the content that other users share, but you will not be able to make publications from it, publications can only be made from any of their official apps . This network currently has more than 1.3 billion active users, so it is very likely that you have an account created.

It is very common to feel curious to know who are the people who follow us or who see the information we share on our social networks, in this post we will show you a way in which you can access this information through a tool that provides us same Instagram platform.

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  1. How can I access Instagram statistics?
  2. How can I know if someone stalks me on Instagram without external apps?

How can I access Instagram statistics?

Instagram statistics are a powerful tool that this app offers us to better understand our audience, since it allows us to know the demographic data of our followers , it allows us to know at what time they connect, what are their tastes, interests and an amount of very interesting information if we want to make our account grow in followers.

There is an essential requirement to be able to access these statistics and that is that we must have a company or content creator profile, so if your profile is personal you will not be able to access them unless you configure it to have access.

If you want to convert your personal account into a content creator or company account, you must enter the Instagram app on your mobile, enter your personal profile and click on the icon with the three lines in the upper right, here you must look for the option ” Settings ” and find the option ” Account “. Once there you will find the option ” Change to a business account “, enter there and you must complete the process according to the Instagram instructions.

From the moment you have a company or content creator profile, you will be able to see in your account settings a new option called “Statistics” , enter there and you will be able to see the information of your audience in detail through different graphs and divided into 3 sections. The first thing that the statistics show us in the information related to the content that we have shared, such as the number of publications in our feed and the stories, each thumbnail with the number of views it has so far.

One of the most interesting things about content statistics is that we can apply extremely useful filters such as seeing the publications with the most reach in recent days, months or years. In this way we can better know what type of content is most accepted by our followers.

In the ” Activity ” section we will have two graphs in view, one of them will show us how many accounts we have reached with our publications , broken down by days and in the other graph we will see in detail the interactions we have had, also broken down by day of the week. This will help us to know which day of the week our content has the best receptivity from our followers.

Finally, in the statistics we can see the ” Audience ” section , here we can see the data related to our followers, how many followers we have gained in recent days, as well as the number of people who have stopped following us , the age range , sex and most frequent times of connection to the network.

How can I know if someone stalks me on Instagram without external apps?

Since social networks began to become increasingly popular, new behaviors also began to emerge in the people who use them, one of them is Stalking . The stalker is a person who is constantly attentive to the publications that another person makes in order to know exactly what they are doing and where they are at the time of making their publications.

There are applications that allow us to know which profiles have entered ours to look at our publications, but if we do not want to use those apps for the security of our data then we can resort to Instagram Stories , when we publish a story, Instagram allows us to see who they are People who have seen that post, you just have to press the “Viewed by” button at the bottom right of your screen when you are viewing your own story.

You should know that if a person who repeatedly interacts with your stories or publications, has eventually checked your profile feed and has seen the personal information that you have shared in it.

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