Is it possible to know who visits your Facebook profile?

This is one of the great mysteries of the entire Internet: Who visits my Facebook profile? Thousands of people ask the same question every day and go to Google and other search engines to find answers. And it is almost certain that there is practically not a single user who has not been curious to know who sees their profile.

In the largest social network in the world, not a few will enter to look at your profile or spy on you. Many will even follow you on Facebook without you even knowing about it. Of course, who wouldn’t want to know who checks your Facebook or has been snooping on your page? On the internet you will find hundreds, if not thousands of articles on how to get the answer.

How do I know who visits my Facebook profile?

Although Facebook has had several problems with the privacy of its users. But one of the things that the social network explicitly does not allow us is to know who sees our profile. According to its policies, the Facebook API does not provide developers with permission to access such data. They also don’t offer any features or reports natively on their website or apps.

To be precise, there is absolutely no legitimate way to know who visits your Facebook profile.

The most common tutorials are those that tell you that through the “view source code” option of the browser you can see who reviews your profile. A list of user codes appears that when combined in the browser bar with the form, the profile of a person will appear in each case.

But the truth is that this list usually corresponds to the users who are being displayed on the page where you would be inspecting the “source code”. For example, in many cases the codes appear in the same order as the list of active people in the chat window. In other words, these are the people with whom you have had the most contact or interaction and are active first in your chat list.

Why won’t they let me know who reviews my FB profile?

In short, you have no way of knowing who visits your Facebook profile and the reason is simple: PRIVACY. But there is also a very compelling reason for the company: ITS PROFITS. It would really be a headache for the social network if we could know everyone who enters and sees our profile, and vice versa.

All of us on Facebook go to the page of friends, colleagues, former friends or colleagues, ex-partners, coworkers, etc. Of course, no one wants the other person to know that we have been snooping on their profile. If that were possible, it is likely that we would spend much less time on the social network, and this would hurt Facebook’s profits.

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