How to check visits on my TikTok profile

Without a doubt, the social platform TikTok since its launch has generated great power in the networks, counting with thousands and thousands of daily downloads worldwide, in short, it has come to stay, creating a great wave of users looking for a way to entertainment and fun .

TikTok is synonymous with this, providing different functions , which is why many people want to know how to download TikTok , and in the same way how to create an account .

It is an application based on the creation of short videos and challenges of the moment , which has become very popular, flooded the networks in every way, users are increasingly looking to find more followers to be up to the task.

But it should be noted that the ideal is to search for real followers within the application, since there is the possibility that false accounts are created and we do not have the visibility we want in it , it has multiple functions that we will know later.

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  1. Some features of the TikTok platform
  2. Types of videos that can be created with TikTok
  3. Can you tell who visits my TikTok profile?
  4. How to check visits on my TikTok profile
  5. Settings in TikTok privacy options
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    4. How to make your TikTok account private

Some features of the TikTok platform

It is important to know everything that the application offers us in order to enjoy all its content, first of all we have the use of filters , they stand out for being fun and creative, which in all areas is ideal to achieve greater visualizations due to the content we post.

It also allows us to use lists of varied music offered by the platform , with them we can make entertaining videos for our audience and thus obtain what we want, either liked or seen.

Within the application at its beginning we can find the most popular videos that have also been created with this application, a great variety of content for all audiences, and that somehow provide us with a fun journey through it .

It allows us to record videos with background music, or personalized dialogues, which is why the application stands out among so many that exist in the same branch, in the same way we can take selfies and publish them on our profile .

Types of videos that can be created with TikTok

If we have a TikTok account we must know the variety of videos that we can create on the platform, it allows us to make short videos with laugh or comic effects , with dialogues that will make more than one think of fun.

In the same way, creating videos with the special and varied effects offered by the platform has been one of the greatest functions used by users, since through them they generate a greater audience and therefore achieve their goal of maintaining constant followers.

Also doing fashionable challenges or duet videos are great options to hang out, using ‘ hashstags’  that promote the challenge we are doing, in order to position ourselves in the first places when other users do searches related to these types of videos within of this platform so named by thousands of people in the world.

Can you tell who visits my TikTok profile?

Either on Android or iPhone it is the same process, and it is one of the great doubts of users, but to find out it is extremely simple and fast, within the platform there is an option called ‘ notification tray’ , we must enter there giving ‘ click ‘ , this option is marked with a small’ envelope ‘ icon .

Once this is done, the notifications will open and a pop-up message will appear with the possible users who have visited our profile on TikTok , but to be more sensible, we press the ‘pop-up message’ and a list of the people who have actually entered will be displayed. .

It is important to know that this list is updated from time to time , obviously to show the recent visits we have had, for many people the visits on TikTok are their daily thoughts, this due to the great impact it has had on society, thus being a positive way to spend our time.

How to check visits on my TikTok profile

TikTok is one of the most popular and well-known social networks in the world today. This has managed to break a large number of records and over time has gained millions of users. Therefore, if you have a TikTok account, it is more than likely that you will find many friends here and we will tell you how to verify if these people visit your profile , so stay and find out everything.

Our first step to follow will be to go directly to the TikTok app that will be hosted in our app drawer. Once inside, in the main home of the app, we will go to the notifications section that is indicated as an envelope, on this we will click.

From now on a comprehensive list of all users who have come to visit our TikTok profile in the last 24 Hours will be opened , it is important to remember that once this time has passed the statistics will be updated, therefore, we will have information on those people who visit our respective profile daily.

It is also important to remember that we can not only know who visits our profile , but also who has seen our videos on TikTok. To do this, we will only have to go to the ‘Timeline’ section, in which we will find all our published videos. Once here we will click on the Play button on the left and finally we will be able to see the users and the total number of views the video has had.

Settings in TikTok privacy options

TikTok has a large number of options , both when creating all kinds of content and in case of security or privacy. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of the capabilities and tools that this interesting social network can offer us. We will tell you more about these features below.

First Section

Our first step will be to go to the privacy options, for this, we will first have to go to the privacy and settings box found in the general settings of the respective application. Once inside we can see a first section called Visibility . From here we can see the private account options and ‘Allow others to find me’.

The option to allow the search for profiles offers us the possibility that our account can be suggested to other users who are near our location . Of course, if we wish otherwise, we will only have to deactivate this option in the settings drawer.

Second section

From this we can see the title of personalization and data which will have a single box. Once we click there we will have 2 options. The first is about personalized ads , these help us to collect our tastes depending on the actions and content that we see in the application, we can activate it if we want that function to be presented to us.

The second option offers us the function of downloading all our TikTok data , that is, all the content that we have created. It is an exact copy of all the videos of our profile. If you wish, we just have to click on this option.

Third section

The last section has an extensive list of options, including ‘Who can post comments’,’ Who can react to your videos’, ‘Who can duo with you’, ‘Who can send you messages’ and’ Who can see the videos that I liked ‘. Each of these options offers us the possibility to choose who can perform these functions and who cannot.

On the other hand, the rest of the options offered by the third section are ‘Allow Download’ (We can choose if we want users to download our videos or not), ‘Filter Comments’ (With this function we can limit all kinds of offensive words or spam) and ‘Blocked list’ (Here we can choose which users we want that cannot see or enter our profile).

How to make your TikTok account private

As we said before, this option is found in the privacy settings , to be more exact, the Visibility section. To be able to our private account we will only have to go to said configuration and then proceed to activate it.

Once this is done, our TikTok account will only be visible to those people that we accept as a follower / friend, otherwise, they will not be able to view the content created by us.


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