How to see active iPhone subscriptions

A few months ago, you used your iPhone to subscribe to apps and services, but unfortunately you no longer remember which ones. Consequently, you would like to understand how to see active iPhone subscriptions and more precisely if I can help you in this regard. Of course yes, there would be more!

Spend just a few minutes of your time, consult the suggestions I have prepared for you and you will see that, after reading, you will no longer have even a doubt about how to view all the subscriptions made through the App Store with your Apple account. Furthermore, for the sake of completeness of information, I will take care to explain how to view any subscription activated for iCloud and how to do it in the case of subscriptions managed on external platforms.

Now, however, let’s chat and let’s get right into the heart of the matter. Position yourself comfortably, take your iPhone in your hands and put the instructions below into practice. The result is guaranteed. So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good: let’s proceed!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to see if there are active subscriptions on iPhone
    • App Store
    • iCloud
    • Other services
  • In case of doubts or problems

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, going to explain what are the steps to take to be able to see active iPhone subscriptions , it seems right to me to make some clarifications regarding the different types of subscriptions that can be managed by the Apple smartphone.

In most cases, the subscriptions referred to are those billed directly by Apple through in-app purchases , for apps downloaded from the App Store and for services offered by the “bitten apple” company itself, as in the case of Apple Music . These subscriptions can be managed from the iOS settings and the payment method used is the one associated with the Apple ID .

As for the possible subscription to iCloud paid plans , billing is also managed directly by Apple in this case and it is possible to view everything in the iOS settings, but in a different section from the one relating to in-app purchases.

Other applications, then, offer the subscription of the relevant subscriptions without going through Apple. In this case, the chosen plan is enabled directly with the developer or in any case with the reference company and management, as can be understood, cannot be performed from the iOS settings, but directly from the app called into question or, alternatively from its website.

How to see if there are active subscriptions on iPhone

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that the time has come to move on to real action. Therefore, if you are interested in understanding how to see if there are active subscriptions on the iPhone , but you don’t know how to do it, follow the instructions on what to do that you find below.

As I told you at the beginning of the guide, the procedure to be implemented differs depending on whether the subscription of your interest has been subscribed through the App Store , whether it refers to iCloud or to third party services .

App Store

If you are interested in understanding how to be able to see active iPhone subscriptions relating to the App Store  or in any case subscriptions billed through Apple , the first fundamental step you must take is to take your “iPhone by”, unlock it (if necessary), access the home screen and/or the App Library and tap the  Settings icon (the one with the gear wheel ).

In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, select the item Subscriptions  which is visible at the top under your name and immediately afterwards you will finally find yourself in front of the complete list of active subscriptions on your Apple ID, in the Active/ Active .

By default, the subscriptions are ordered by the name of the app they refer to, but if it can help you identify the subscription of your interest, you can organize them in a different way, by tapping on the Sort item located at the top right and choosing the Price option or the Renewal Date option from the menu that appears.

For further details on a specific subscription, tap its name and on the screen that appears next you will find the type of subscription and the renewal date indicated . Furthermore, by tapping on the See all plans link you can view all the various subscriptions available, while by touching the Cancel subscription button you can cancel the subscription, however, continuing to use it until the expiry date.


If you’ve activated a  paid  iCloud plan (i.e. iCloud+ ) because you need more online storage space than the basic, free plan that offers 5GB of space, or if you’ve activated an  Apple One subscription  that includes several subscription plans with more Apple services included (including Apple Music , Apple TV+ , Apple Arcade and iCloud+  and possibly also In the family and Apple Fitness+ ) and you would like to understand how to view the characteristics of your subscription from the iPhone, the first thing you need to do is press the Settings icon. that you find on the home screen and/or in the iOS App Library.

On the screen you are now viewing, tap on the iCloud item at the top under your name , then tap the wording Manage account space , the Change plan option and you will finally be able to view the currently active iCloud plan, with the relative monthly cost indicated, the amount of space offered and the renewal date.

Note that, again on the above screen, all the other available plans are also shown and the free basic plan is also indicated if you do not activate a paid one.

To see the Apple One plan, however, touch the wording Change the Apple One plan located at the bottom, then touch the Apple One item you find on the next screen and you will find yourself in front of a screen containing the details of the existing plan. From here, you can select the See all plans link to see the other available plans and the Select individual services and Cancel all services items to perform the operations described.

Other services

Following the instructions I have given you so far, you have not been able to find a subscription that you remember having subscribed to and, consequently, you are still wondering how to see if I have active subscriptions on the iPhone? If so, it’s most likely because you activated directly with your service provider , without going through Apple.

In this case, to view the subscription of your interest, you must open the reference app , go to the section relating to your account and select the item to view the active subscription .

To give a practical example, in the case of the Netflix app , after starting it on the iPhone and logging into your account, you need to tap on your profile picture at the top right, then on the wording Account on the next screen and , on the page that will open, you will find information relating to the active subscription in the section Information on the plan , with more details visible after tapping on the wording Billing information .

Alternatively, you could go to the website of the reference service, log in to your account, access the section relating to your profile , select the item referring to the subscription and then view the existing plan .

Unfortunately I cannot be more precise on what to do, as I am not aware of the exact application you are referring to and the indications may differ based on this data. In any case, the steps to be taken are, briefly, those that I have just indicated to you and are generally very simple.

In case of doubts or problems

Have you followed my instructions on how to see active iPhone subscriptions, but you still haven’t managed to do it correctly? Did any hitches arise during the work that you weren’t able to deal with on your own? Considering the situation, the best suggestion I can offer you is to take a look at the sections of the Apple website dedicated to support for iPhone ,  for the App Store  and for billing and subscriptions , so that you can receive help in a targeted way.

If you can’t solve it even in this way, I invite you to get in direct contact with Apple customer service , in order to obtain personalized assistance. You can do this in a variety of ways: over the phone, over the web, or in person. All systems are equally valid, choosing which one to adopt depends only on your needs and preferences. For more details, you can check out my guide specifically focused on  how to contact Apple .


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