How to get Xbox subscriptions or Amazon gift cards with Microsoft Bing

Did you know that if you don’t use Bing as a search engine, you are losing money? Surely you have read this with the tone of a smoke salesman’s voice, but wait, here we are serious and I am going to tell you how I save a lot of money on Amazon and Xbox throughout the year by “throwing” five minutes a day.

Google is the most popular search engine. It is the one we use the most and, in addition, the search engine for some elements, such as the one for images, seems to me to be the best. However, with Bing many times I get the results I want and also make money in the process. As? Well, with Microsoft Rewards , and I’m going to teach you how to use it.

What is Microsoft Rewards?

Let’s start with the first. Although we have already explained it on occasion, Rewards is a Microsoft program that allows us to earn points . We achieve these points by fulfilling different objectives on our Xbox by achieving achievements, performing actions or simply playing Game Pass titles, but they can also be achieved on a daily basis, without having the console.

By searching in the browser or completing a series of daily tasks, you can get enough points that you can later exchange for raffles such as an Xbox Series S , Microsoft gift cards, El Corte Inglés, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Amazon .

In addition to the free challenges, there are other options to earn many more points. In this case, renting or buying movies in the Microsoft store

Points are earned by filling out surveys, searching, answering tests or simply clicking on topics to see information. For example, by clicking on ” French macaron recipes ” they have taken me to these recipes and, in addition, I have earned 10 points. That seems little, but in the end it all adds up…

If you redeem streaks, you get extra points every few days to add a bonus to what you already get daily for completing the objectives and, in the end, in my case I haven’t bought Game Pass Ultimate for a long time because I get it with these Rewards points .


The best web browsers for Android, an in-depth comparison

In the browser it is as easy as accessing this page , but now we are going to tell you how to make it even easier: from your mobile.

The easiest: switch to Bing as a browser in Chrome

The easiest thing is to use the apps you already have. On an Android you will have Google Chrome installed, so let’s start there. I’m sure you already know this, but to access Chrome’s settings you must click on the three dots at the top right of the browser and go to ‘Settings’.

Once this is done, the first option that appears in the menu is to change the search engine. You click and you will see several recommended search engines. You switch to Bing… and that’s it.

Now, what remains is that you go to the search engine and open it with the three stripes that are in the upper left corner (like when we wanted to open the Chrome settings, wow) and check that your Microsoft account is entered.

And nothing, to start adding points.

You can also install Edge

But beware, you can do something else and give Microsoft Edge a try . Yes, I know, you started using it with Windows 10 and you were left with a more than bitter memory.

You are not the only one and, in fact, Microsoft itself gave up and ended up renewing Edge, betting on Chromium -the engine on which Google Chrome is based- and making its browser very fast, stable, secure, and also compatible with Chrome extensions.

Chromium-based Edge has NOTHING to do with the previous version and works great on desktop, mobile and even Xbox

It’s great on mobile (several members of the team use it on both Android and iOS and we’re happy) and you already have Bing integrated as a search engine, so all you have to do is enter your Microsoft credentials so that it tells you the Rewards in your account and that’s it.

I like this method because you have the possibility of having two browsers: Chrome in case you want to continue using it and Edge in case the only thing you want from it are the Bing Rewards points.

And my favorite, the Bing app

Lastly, and what I personally use, is the Bing app. It’s quite customizable and I like that it has a kind of ‘Discover’ built in, widgets, the new AI integration (you have to join the waiting list, but you can activate full ChatGPT if you join the beta ) and links direct to apps such as weather or Microsoft’s news and office suite.

In the app the performance is very fluid and you get the points almost without knowing

What I like about this app is that you can complete the daily Bing challenges in a very comfortable way . It’s a fluid app, the design is good and it’s very visual, so you can complete the ‘challenges’ while having a coffee, waiting for public transport or walking down the street.

Also, I like that it is very easy to redeem the prizes because, since it is an app and not a browser window, the integration between the different menus is perfect.

You can clearly see the digital items you can redeem your points for

The trick to earning Microsoft Rewards points effortlessly

The truth is that using a little mobile or the search engine on the desktop, you immediately get the challenge of daily searches that give you an effortless extra, but if what you want is 100% every day, you always have extensions like the one at Automate Yout Bing Searches -you can find it at this link -.

Our colleagues from Genbeta discovered it a few days ago and with a minute running, this extension creates a script that gets the daily points so that you don’t have to make any effort to search and, thus, continue with the Google search engine on your day to day.


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