How to install Amazon Prime Video on an Xbox series X or Xbox series S console

Streaming applications are one of the applications that have become more popular in recent years, since in them you can watch any movie or series that is available in the application in which you have an account. Among the platforms of this class are Star +, Disney +, HBO +, Netflix and the one we will talk about today Amazon Prime Video.

This application has a function that you will be able to use from any kind of device such as Xbox game consoles. Here we will show you how you can install this application on your console, on which Xbox models this application is compatible, and what are the most common problems that it can present.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S Console

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  1. How do I know if my Xbox console is compatible with Amazon Prime video?
  2. How to get the most advanced features of Amazon Prime video on my Xbox console?
  3. For what reasons can Amazon Prime fail when installed on an Xbox series X or Xbox series S console?
    1. Upgrade Compatibility
    2. incorrect installation


How do I know if my Xbox console is compatible with Amazon Prime video?

One of the things that we don’t usually use much anymore, due to the repetitiveness of the content that they provide us, is cable television. For this reason, many of us have moved to use streaming services . There are several companies that provide this service with which you will be able to watch any number of movies and series.

Another thing that makes these platforms used by a lot of people is that you can use the application on almost any type of equipment, including Xbox game consoles. In almost all the consoles of this brand you will be able to install Streaming applications such as Netflix , but today we will talk about Amazon Prime Video .


You will be able to install this application on Xbox Slim consoles up to the most recent without any problem or impediment. The consoles that are newer to the Xbox Slim will allow you to use the most advanced resolution features that Ultra HD is. This is a function that will help you to watch any type of movie in the highest possible resolution.

How to get the most advanced features of Amazon Prime video on my Xbox console?

When it comes to advanced features, we mean that you can view the content on this platform in the highest possible resolution that would be 4K. This is the highest resolution that this application supports and the one that you will be able to use on your equipment, be it an Xbox or another equipment.

To have these features you will have to install the Amazon Prime Video app on the Xbox. You will do this this way:

  1. What you should do is enter the application store of your console.
  2. Go to the search engine that is at the top of the screen and you are going to write the name ‘ Amazon Prime’, and when the search ends, you are going to open it. There you will click on download and when the download is complete, you will click on install.
  3. Now you are going to go to the applications sectionand here you will be able to see the app and open it. There you will make your login as expected and you will start using it.

So that you can place the Amazon Prime application in the highest resolution, you will not have to do anything, since this will depend on the type of console you have. This will be adjusted automatically and there is no way you can set it from the app. So the good thing about this app is that you just have to install it and start using it on your Xbox.

For what reasons can Amazon Prime fail when installed on an Xbox series X or Xbox series S console?

Clearly, we are always going to present some problem on the Xbox console regarding the Amazon Prime application. It is always necessary to know what problems an application presents so that we do not think that it is our console that is damaged. So pay attention to the two main flaws that this application comes up with on the Xbox.

Upgrade Compatibility

One of the things Amazon Prime is going to introduce to your Xbox is that the app will no longer have compatibility. This is because you need to update it in the store. For this you must enter the application store and enter the ‘Amazon Prime’ store. There you will click on ‘Update’ and wait for the download to finish and the updates to be installed in the application.

incorrect installation

Another thing is that when installing the application, the announcement that it cannot be installed or ‘Incorrect installation’ will appear. This is because the console is too old for this application. You will also present this error in the event that the console does not have enough space for the installation or that the internet connection is limited.

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