Although Microsoft’s new web browser, Edge Chromium, has improved a lot, its default search engine is still Bing. Here’s how to change it in a few easy steps. Microsoft recently introduced us to the brand new version of its web browser, Edge Chromium. Since it is now based on the open source version of Google Chrome, it is much faster than in the past and even borrows several features from the popular browser.

While it is easy to migrate your data from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, one point remains rather annoying: the search engine associated with it by default is Bing. Far from being everyone’s favorite, it’s very easy to replace it with our favorite engine.

Steps to follow

Once the Edge browser is launched, click on the three small horizontal dots in the upper right corner, then select our settings.


A list will appear on the left, and it is in the second option that we must go, or Privacy and services .


You just have to scroll all the way down to see the Services section . You must then choose the Address bar option , then it is here that you can modify the default search engine. Several options are available to us, such as Google and DuckDuckGo.

Alternative search engines

If you are one of those who use an alternative search engine, such as Ecosia or Qwant for example, it is still possible to add it manually. To do so, you must click on the Manage search engines menu , then on Add .

The tricky part is when we are asked to enter the URL with% s instead of the request. To find this URL, we have to do a search on our engine and replace our search term with% s.


Each search engine has a different ending, and this is what allows Edge to recognize it and automatically initiate a query based on what you type in the address bar.

For everything to work, it is very important to do the search from the address bar, and not from the layout of the browser, because the latter will continue to do research with Bing even if we changed the default search engine.

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