How to return an item without a receipt

Even if you do not have a receipt for the product, you can still return it to the store. This right is given to the buyer by the Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”. Together we’ll figure out how to return a product without a receipt, what kind of products it might be, and in what cases the seller can refuse you.

How to return an item without a receipt

Do I need a receipt to return goods?

Article 18 of the Consumer Protection Law clearly states that in most situations the seller does not have the right not to accept a product for which the buyer does not have a receipt or other proof of purchase. 

If the purchase was made in an online store, a receipt is generally not required. Information about the sale is stored in the seller’s database, and the electronic document must be sent by mail or remain in the buyer’s personal account.

How long does it take to return an item?

The return period is established by the same law. Products of good quality in offline stores – within 14 days from the date of purchase, the day of purchase does not count. In online markets – 7 days. The seller has the right to increase this time, but cannot reduce it.

For products of inadequate quality, the law allows for return during the warranty period or within 2 years from the date of purchase.

How to return an item without a receipt

The goods received at the point of issue are simply returned to the same address. An employee takes it, punches the track number, QR code or any other marking of the seller and records it in the system or issues a receipt for the return.

When the item or product is received by mail, you will need to reseal the package and then mail it to the seller’s address. Be sure to keep your postal receipt.

When the goods have been delivered by the courier, you need to call or write to the seller’s store support service. And find out how you can return the product.

If you return a return to an offline store without a receipt, there are several ways to prove that you actually purchased the item or product from a specific seller:

  • According to factory markings. Clothes must have labels indicating the item number of the product. On the equipment there is a mark about the serial number. This is a kind of product passport – it is necessary to be accepted back.
  • Information about the sale is entered into the cash register memory. Each purchase is assigned a unique number, by which you can find out exactly what was purchased and when.
  • When paying by card, information about this is stored in its history, which can be easily found in the online banking application. 
  • The warranty card for the equipment contains a mark from the seller – it will help prove that you bought this device.
  • The discount card, if used at the time of purchase, also stores data about the purchase of the product.
  • Testimony of witnesses in whose presence the goods were purchased will help confirm the fact of purchase.

If you were refused to return your purchase verbally, it’s time to take appropriate action. The first step is to apply for check reinstatement. The store should give you a form that you can fill out. In it you need to write what date and at what time the product was purchased. And also enter your contact information.

When the receipt is restored, a return application will be required. This document contains your last name, first name and patronymic, passport number, name of the product and how you paid for it. The application must be submitted to the cashier. He is obliged to accept the product and issue a receipt, which confirms that the return has occurred.

Returning goods of proper quality

You can return or exchange a product whose quality meets the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. However, it must meet certain criteria:

  • It must have factory labels and seals.
  • It shouldn’t have been used.
  • The buyer can prove that he bought it from this seller.
  • There must be a reason to return the purchase – the product is not suitable in size, shape, color or style, its configuration does not meet the needs of the buyer.

In exchange for the returned one, you can receive another similar product or money.

Returning goods of inadequate quality

If the product turns out to be defective, it can be returned within the warranty period. When this period is not specified in the warranty card, defective products may be returned within the next 2 years. And if the item has significant flaws, then a return is possible during its service life. When such data for a product is not available, then within 5 years.

Which products cannot be returned?

The law states which goods cannot be returned under any circumstances. Here they are: 

  • products with engraving, embossing with the buyer’s logo;
  • cosmetics, perfumes, underwear, swimwear, knee socks, socks, stockings, tights;
  • household chemicals, chemicals and pesticides for agriculture;
  • personal hygiene items and medicines;
  • utensils, tools and accessories that come into contact with food;
  • building materials, cable products;
  • furniture – sets/sets;
  • vehicles – cars, trailers, bicycles, etc.;
  • jewelry;
  • plants and animals;
  • books, albums, booklets;
  • weapons and ammunition;
  • technically complex products for household needs, the warranty period of which exceeds 1 year.

Technically complex products include refrigerators, set-top boxes, computers, laptops, smartphones, watches and some types of vehicles.

Is it possible to return such defective goods? In certain situations – yes. A defective swimsuit can be returned. To do this, you need to write a statement asking that they provide you with a similar product or give you money. But due to the fact that the style of the swimsuit does not fit, it will not be possible to return the product. True, many brands are loyal to their customers and carry out returns even for non-returnable goods, but this is still an exception.

You can return defective technically complex products or those about which the seller provided incorrect information. This can be done within 2 weeks from the day following the purchase.

What to do if your refund is refused

If you have tried all the methods, but the seller refuses to accept the purchase back, contact Rospotrebnadzor. This government organization employs specialists who are well versed in the intricacies of legislation. They will tell you what to do next. You may need to go to court to defend your interests.

The court must be located where you are registered permanently or temporarily. If the product costs up to 100 thousand rubles, you need to go to the district magistrate’s court. If it’s more than 100 thousand, go to the city district. According to the law, if the price of a product is below 1 million rubles, there is no need to pay state duty. 

If the judge rules in your favor, it will take effect a month later. If the seller refuses to fulfill the obligations, you can ask the court to transfer the decision to the bailiffs. They initiate forced collection of funds.

What you need to apply

The application to the court indicates in which court it is being filed. The details of the plaintiff and defendant are entered, including their registered addresses. The date of purchase, the full name of the product and what confirms its purchase are indicated. Next, you need to describe why the product did not fit. Tell us on what day you contacted the seller with a request for a return. State your demands – collect money from the seller for the product and compensate for moral damages.

To prevent the purchased product from becoming the cause of legal disputes, when purchasing, ask the cashier to send you an electronic receipt – it completely duplicates the paper one, but does not get lost or fade over time.

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