Can we return products on AliExpress?

AliExpress is a store known to all that offers us low prices on all kinds of products from China, mostly. We can buy from mobile phones to cheap pens but you may have made a purchase that you want to return because it is wrong, you do not like it, it is broken, it does not work. It can? How are returns on AliExpress and what are the requirements? We explain everything you need to know about refunds, returns.

I do not receive my order

Before talking about returns, you should bear in mind that it is not the same to return an order than request a refund because you have not received it, of course. In most cases we recommend that you pay with secure payment platforms such as PayPal that guarantee purchase protection if what we receive does not look like what we have ordered or if what we receive arrives in poor condition, broken, or not it works. In case of failure of PayPal protection we have additional protection. But be that as it may, we explain what steps we must follow directly in the store regardless of the payment method you have used for the purchase.

If you have not received your order, you should first look at the address or the link to find out its status. We can go to AliExpress on its website, go to the upper right corner of the screen and display the “My account” section. Logged in with our data and we go to ” My orders “. Here, we can search for the order we are interested in and find the corresponding tracking link. Here you will see if it is in distribution, if it is late, etc.

If not, we can open a dispute before buyer protection ends. Buyer protection begins the moment the seller ships the package and you will see the time remaining on the order details page counting down. Since you supposedly receive the order there are fifteen days. If it appears that you have received it, but it is not like that, you have fifteen days to claim the product.

In the dispute we can choose a refund for the reason that interests us: we have not received it.


If we have received it, but we want to return it, there are some reasons why we can do it or a free service in Spain but we will explain it to you step by step.

It costs money?

It depends. It depends on the reasons why you are going to change the product for another, for example. If a dress that you bought is not good for you, you will probably have to pay the amount of the shipping for the return. If it is broken or totally different and you can try it, you will not have to pay the return. Although there is also an AliExpress “free return” service for which you will not have to pay at any time even if the size of a pants is not right, for example.

As collected from the website itself, “With the AliExpress service ‘ Free Returns s’, you will have  15  days (from the promised delivery date) to decide whether you want to keep or return the item for whatever reason. It is totally free ” . In this case, the seller will mark if they offer this service. At this time, the free return is only available for the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Add from AliExpress: «Our sellers can choose to offer this service. Those who offer it indicate it with a free return icon on their product description pages.

Open a dispute

The first thing to do in all cases is to open a dispute on AliExpress. Whether it has not reached us, as is the previous option, as if what arrives is defective or in bad condition or is not as we expect. They explain it from the website itself: «If you are not satisfied with the product you received, please contact the seller first to try to find a solution. Please click Contact Seller on the order list page and send a message to the seller. We advise you to provide a photo of the products or the proof of the video so that the seller can confirm the problem with the products and offer you a solution ”.

If this doesn’t work, we open a dispute. If you have already spoken with the seller and he does not offer a solution, we can go to the order and “Open a dispute” where we can choose between the possible options. It may allow you to request a free return or the product may have a one-year “commercial warranty service.” It will depend on the order, when you bought it, its guarantee or what it is. Be that as it may, we open the dispute next to the product, as we can see in the image below.

Once we open it, it offers us two options:

  • Refund only. I have not received my order and I would like my money back / The product is not as described and I would like a refund or return and refund
  • Return Product: I am not satisfied with the item I received and would like to return it for a full refund.

In the second case, we may have to pay the shipping costs because it is considered to be your problem that you do not like or the size is not right, but it is not a problem because the product is broken or has not arrived.

We follow the steps and we can carry out the return . Although returning orders will depend on whether we open it with or without prior dispute, for example.

Return a product

It will depend on whether we return disputed or uncontested products. It is always advisable to open a dispute, but you may have reached an agreement with the seller and the steps are different. In any case, we must pack with the original packaging and send the products to request a return, exchange.

Disputed Products

The steps AliExpress recommends to return disputed products are as follows. Keep in mind that since the dispute is opened you have five days to confirm the return and ten days to make the return.

The steps we must follow are:

  1. Pack the products with the original packaging
  2. Check the return address on the dispute details website
  3. Send the products by Post with a traceable system
  4. Attach or send the tracking number and logistics information

All that remains is to wait for them to receive it. As collected from the Chinese store: “The seller will confirm the receipt in  30 days  once the tracking information has been delivered to the system; then the refund will be returned to your account (between 3-20 business days) . If the products have not been delivered to the seller, the AliExpress dispute team will intervene again, so please pay attention to updates on the return process. ” Once it is confirmed, we will have a refund.

No dispute

If you have reached an agreement without the need for a dispute, the steps would be different:

  • Contact the seller
  • Reach an agreement for a refund or return
  • Get the seller’s return address
  • Pack the products with the original packaging
  • Mail products with traceable logistics
  • Send the tracking number and logistics information to the seller

There is no exact term for the refund here, but you must keep in touch with the seller, give your account number and propose the refund. You will know at all times when the products arrive thanks to the tracking of your shipment.

AliExpress Plaza

Everything changes in the case of using AliExpress Plaza because the delivery times are different and so is the guarantee. Plaza is the AliExpress section with shipping and warranty in Spain, as well as with physical stores that are in the national territory. Usually shipments are much faster and we can receive something in just two or three days, for example. In addition, it improves the guarantee.

In this case, as we collect from the help page, the products have these characteristics and delivery conditions, returns:

If they are not sold by the store:

  • Two-year warranty on technology products
  • Deliveries in three working days once payment is confirmed
  • Fifteen days of return with the original packaging

If the orders are sold by the AliExpress store or warehouse:

  • Official guarantee in Spain of two years
  • Free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • Delivery time of one to three working days in the Peninsula

And about returns we read the following: we have fifteen days to return the order at Plaza Tecnología as long as it is in perfect condition and in the original packaging. You have fifteen days if you have received the item and you do not want it but you have two years if it does not work, has defects or you have to make use of the guarantee.

Who pays the expenses? AliExpress Plaza clarifies that the costs are paid by the buyer if the item has no defects and is as described, but you want to return it for any other reason (you already have another, you no longer like it …) but if the item has defects or is different from your description, the seller pays the expenses.

Although it has guarantees, the process is similar:

  1. Open a dispute from your account within 15 days
  2. Complete the information to process the return
  3. Click on “Send”
  4. Choose the option ” Request collection ” and fill out the form
  5. AliExpress will send a courier to pick up the package
  6. The item must be in perfect condition, unused and with packaging

After receiving and checking that the item is okay, you will receive an email within seven business days. If you meet the conditions, you will receive the money through the same means of payment that you used to pay. The money will arrive in a maximum of fourteen calendar days from when you have returned the item.

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