How to repeat missions in Outriders

In Outriders there are two main activity tracks that players can participate in: story missions and side missions. These tracks allow players to experience history and new areas. When you complete a story or side quest in the game, you can’t seem to replay it. While it seems this way, this is not true. Next, we will show you how to replay missions in Outriders.


  • How to replay the main story missions
  • How to replay side missions
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How to replay the main story missions

The main narrative story of Outriders is told through a central main plot. This central story progresses by playing the missions of the game’s main story. These missions will assign you the task of traversing various locations to reach a final boss. When you complete a mission in the main story, you will not be able to replay it unless you follow these steps:

Access the lobby screen. Open Select Story Point. Choose the point of the story to replay. Continue the game.

Following the steps above allows you to replay the story missions in the game using your current character. This makes it possible to return to certain rhythms of the story to collect items or return to fight bosses at a higher level. Once you’ve finished playing the mission, return to the lobby screen and select Story Point to advance the story to where you were.

How to replay side missions

Side missions work differently when in-game than story missions, as you will have to place them in different areas of the world. Once you locate a side quest, accepting it will often open a new section of the world where the side quest takes place. These sections remain locked unless you are on a side quest. Upon completing a side quest, you can replay that quest by talking to the NPC who gave you the side quest. In the dialog, you will see a replay option for the mission. Select it to replay the offered side quest.

That’s everything you need to know about replaying missions in Outriders. The game does a poor job of explaining how this works, so hopefully the guide above fills in the gaps. If you’re looking for more guides on the game, we’ve covered Legendary Weapons, How to Farm Weapons and Armor, Commendations, and more. Click on the links to go to those pages.


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