Sherlock Holmes Game Chapter One Guide – All Police Missions

Sherlock Holmes Game Chapter One Guide – All Police Missions.This guide has collected all the investigations that can be taken at the police station, as well as the main answers. You will find out who to blame for this or that crime in the game Sherlock Holmes Chapter One.

Sherlock Holmes Game Chapter One Guide – All Police Missions

Reincarnation Master

This quest is described in the article on the passage of the main storyline, as it is required to advance the story.

Dog fights

Remove information about this case from the stand to the left of Stark. You need to get to the Golden Eel inn on Scarlet Street in the Old City. It’s west of Sesame Street. In reality, you need to go to the right side of Scarlet Street. To the left of its intersection with Weaver Street, there is the Old Town North Fast Travel Point and the Golden Eel Pub.

Go inside the establishment. Examine the evidence in the first room. Almost everyone has a number plate left by the cops.

  • Number “4” – broken chair.
  • The number “3” is a broken bottle.
  • The number “2” is a broken table. In order to zoom in, examine the broken glasses at the number “2” and the cracks themselves on the table.
  • Number “1” – a spilled glass of beer.
  • Number “5” – blood stains. Zoom in and find the bloodstains and the knife themselves. On the knife, inspect the handle and blade with blood.

After that, a white sphere will appear. Interact with her. you need to restore the sequence of events. At the number “1” put a sailor who explains something to a bald man. Next, select a bald man who punches someone in the direction of a broken table. A man with glasses falls on the broken table. Near the number “3” select the man with the broken bottle. And near the number “4” – a sailor with a chair. Finally, near the number “5”, select the man with the knife. You will come to the conclusion that the real killer is the soldier. He wanted to stab the merchant, but because of his myopia, he killed the sailor. If suddenly the task is not completed, examine the unfinished bottle of rum on the far table. Report your conclusion to Stark at the police station. You will receive 20 coins.


Remove the next case from the board inside the police station after completing the Dog Fighting investigation. You need to get to the north side of Silverton, into the courtyard on Engines Lane, between Abernott Street and Colpit Street. Go to the courtyard in the upper right corner of Silverton, at the corner of Engineering Lane. Examine all evidence:

  • Number “4” – gun.
  • Number “3” – throwing blade. Zoom into the handle and blade.
  • The number “2” is a wagon. Zoom into the bullet hole and blood marks on the right wheel.
  • Number “1” – broken table. As you approach, examine the coins and the broken bottle on the right.
  • Number “6” – log.
  • Number “5” – pistol and broken glasses. Open the barrel of the pistol to see the shooter fired 3 shots.
  • Also examine the side of the revolver, near the trigger, to understand its model.
  • Finally, examine the knife stuck in the tree next to the gun on the ground.

After that, a white circle will appear. Start recovering events. Near the number “5” select a bald man with glasses. Near the cart, select the old man in the hat who is holding the leg. Then select him, sitting against the wall to the right, bleeding. Finally, by the tree, where the knife sticks out and where the gun is lying on the ground, select the man with the beard. Confirm your decision. Sherlock will say that he is missing a detail. Open the journal and be sure to secure the missing piece. Now go to the place where the old man in the hat lay, near the wall and the number “3”. Turn on Concentration Mode (Q) and you will see a shoe mark. Sherlock will understand that this trail belongs to size 11 police shoes. This means that the last poor fellow was killed by the first policeman who arrived, who appropriated the money for himself. Report this to Stark at the station. You will receive 20 coins.

Incident at the cemetery

The next case from the police, which can be taken after the mission “Divide”. Travel to the Cordona Cemetery at the southern end of the Mining Reach. You have already managed to visit there according to the story mission. Go to the graveyard and run along the right side until you see a cop. Go through the metal gate to his right. Everything that interests you is on the left outside the gate. Examine the evidence:

  • Basket of flowers.
  • Hat, stone and traces of blood on the stone near the sign “1”.
  • Walk forward a little and turn to the dug grave on the right. There will be a sign “2”. Apply concentration Q around it and examine the open surgical instrument kit. Next, examine the vial with an unknown liquid and the note on the coffin lid to the left.
  • Near the number “3” examine someone’s hat and a piece of blue pants hanging from a branch.
  • Around the number “4” examine the traces of blood and a shovel.
  • There is ashes beyond the dug grave. Examine the former bonfire. Examine bottles, fried rats, and mushrooms. There is also a canopy hanging under a canopy, which can be examined.

Now you need to perform a chemical analysis of the liquid. You will need all three flasks on top. Select reagents from the formula shown on the right. Place two reagents in one bottle. You can put one more reagent in another bottle. Then, from both bottles, transfer all the contents to the third (although, you can probably save money and not put the third reagent in the bottle). When you have a complete formula, combine with the same result on the right.

Interact with the white sphere to complete the reconstruction. Let’s start from the beginning. A bald man with a basket of flowers is walking into the cemetery. The photographer is attacked a little further by a man with short hair and glasses. He pretends that the man has vampire fang marks on his neck. Next to the man who is digging the grave is a man in a hat holding a vial of liquid. A man with hair and glasses pulls out a knife from a surgical kit near the car. A bald man attacks a guy with a shovel who holds his hand in front of him (opposite the grave). The same man with hair and glasses is making holes in the second corpse with a knife. There are no vampires here! Tell Stark about everything to get 20 coins.


Take the quest at the police station immediately after completing the Accident at the Graveyard quest. Head to the Cordona Cemetery, but instead head west to the marker pointing to the ruins in the forest. Proceed to Inspect the Crime Scene:

  • Number “1” – the footprints of the goat’s hooves.
  • Number “2” – a broken jug of wine.
  • On the left is the number “4” – traces of bare feet.
  • Farther away is the number “5” – the priest’s beads. Expand them until you find an interaction point.
  • Number “3” – ropes at the pole.
  • The number “6” is a slaughtered goat on the altar.

When the white sphere appears, proceed with the reconstruction. Go to the very beginning. A woman in a bird mask drags a goat. A woman in a lion’s mask drops a jug of wine. A woman in a bull mask ties the priest to a pillar. On the left, in the bushes, there is a priest, who is dragged by a woman in a lion’s mask by the right hand, a woman in a bull’s mask by the left, and a woman in a bird’s mask is pointing at him with her finger. There are three women near the plate “4”. A woman wearing a bull mask sits on the ground, a woman wearing a lion mask is dancing to her right, and a woman wearing a bird mask to the left. Then confirm your choice. Return to Stark and report the completion of the investigation.

This is “Zh-Zh-Zh” for a reason

Sergeant Stark (yes, after these cases he will be promoted) will ask Holmes for the last favor. We need to understand where Chief Inspector Placido has gone. You will receive the key to his office. Go to the left wing and open Chief Inspector Placido’s door on the right. It will be signed. We need to collect evidence:

  • Look in the filing cabinet on the left to understand that someone has stolen the documents. In addition, on the plate of the box it is indicated to whom the documents were collected – the Beekeeper.
  • Read the letter on your desktop.
  • Examine the cabinet to the left of the entrance if you are facing the door. Turn on the concentration (Q) and examine the empty case where the revolver disappeared. Examine the newspaper at the back of the shelf and take the bag of tobacco.

Open the journal and be sure to secure “Placido’s Cabinet” as evidence. After that, turn on the concentration and examine the folders on the table, the stack to the left of the filing cabinet and the picture hanging above the stack. Move the painting aside and examine the items located in the cache – an ear, a folder and a notebook. John will offer to take the ear out of the office. Be sure to do this to win another argument.

Go to the Cordona Town Hall. Look inside the city hall, talk to the senior archivist. Walk diagonally forward and to the right to find the door to the archive (Archive above the door). Interact with the table on the right. Choose the correct settings:

  • Subjects – Locals
  • Period – British (1800s)
  • Districts – Miners’ Limit

Search for information on the Chella Patricia organization. Read the information received carefully. Of all Chella Patricia’s real estate, the unsold warehouse is at the Mining’s Reach, Clay Street, by Stevenson Bridge in Silverton. Go there. Just before the upper bridge connecting the Mining’s End and Silverton, there is an open courtyard on the right with a locked warehouse. Go there and overhear the conversation of two men.

Who saw the Beekeeper?

  • Prints a message
  • Proxy communication
  • Nobody saw him

Ordinary gang members do not even know what their leader looks like. Walk closer to the warehouse and go inside. Fight all gang members or skip the fight. It doesn’t affect anything. After the victory, you will receive the key. Open the grate opposite the entrance and go up to the cabinet above. Examine the study. Find the oven on the right. Examine the warmed papers on the fire and the burnt leaf lying on the floor in front of the stove. Examine the table. On it you are interested in a note from P. near the skeins of thread, the threads themselves and a dirty note under a fountain pen. Also examine the gun in the crate to the left of John. You will find all the evidence. Perform a chemical analysis of the burned paper. Combine “-5” and “2” green reagent into one bottle. In the next jar, combine them with the “3” of the red reagent. Equate to the formula on the right. It’s that simple!

Select a new piece of evidence to track – “Note from P.” We need to find out where the apiary is. Change into a Sherlock suit with a jacket and talk to the man in the warehouse yard, in the far left corner. He will say that it is a sin not to help such a noble person. The apiary is located west of Wiggins Street in the Miners’ Reach. Find in the upper left corner on the Wiggins Street map. To the left of it is some kind of territory. This is the apiary. Go there, go up to the building and examine the man in the hat. Compose his portrait:

  • The hat is on one side (hides the absence of an ear).
  • Snuff marks on the shirt in the chest area.
  • Bee stings on the left hand.
  • A six-shot revolver holstered on the right side.

Point out that in front of you is Placido. If you took Placido’s ear, you can tell him about it, and exchange it for a new revolver. This will be noticed by John. Tell him that he killed the Beekeeper, and you consider Placido’s proposal. Tell Stark Placido is dead. Or hand it over with giblets. In any case, get 30 coins as a reward. But the achievement “Deserved Rest” can be obtained only if you say that “Placido is dead” (and before that the Beekeeper was identified in the apiary as Placido). This is the last thing for the police!

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