How to remove the white background from an image?

Transforming a JPG image to PNG is super simple and there are a lot of methods to do it, either with Design Software, Online pages, converters, etc. Are you interested in knowing how to do it? Let’s find out here.

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  1. How to make an image with a transparent background without programs?
  2. What tool to use to remove the white background from an image?
    1. Online with Background Burner or Clipping Magic
    2. From Photoshop Online
  3. How to change the background of an image for a different one?
  4. What to do to remove only some elements from an image and keep others?

How to make an image with a transparent background without programs?

There are many ways to convert an image into an image without a background, that is, a PNG image. This can be done manually, by cropping, with a magic eraser, etc. This implies having a design software and basic knowledge, but luckily for you, there are online applications that serve to remove the background from your image.

There are pages like Clipping Magic, which is capable of removing the background from your image, automatically and in a matter of seconds . In general, using these applications is not as effective as doing it manually, but it will undoubtedly be much easier and faster.

All you have to do is load the image you want to use, choose the format, start the process and the application will do everything you need for you.

What tool to use to remove the white background from an image?

The tools are multiple, in general, the most recommended is to use the Photoshop pen tool , and in this way to be able to cut everything you want, more precisely, in order to work that part of the image, as another part, and if you can vectorize it, much better.

There are both Online tools, as well as specialized tools, such as design software, etc. Among which are the main exponents: 

Online with Background Burner or Clipping Magic

The fact that there are certain online tools that allow you to do this editing in a quite effective way, probably the 2 most used online applications for this are Background Burner and Clipping Magic, the operation of both is quite similar.

With both applications you will have to select your image, to later upload it according to the page you indicate. Ideally, the image should have a background as unicolor as possible , so that a green screen-like effect is made, and the application can better recognize the background that it has to remove.

Once we have selected the image and that it has already gone through the cutting process, it will be ready to download, you can save it on your pc, in any location, making sure to select the PNG format, and that’s it, it’s that simple.

From Photoshop Online

There really is no Photoshop Online as such, the closest thing to this can be AdobeSpark , which is an online image editor, quite useful for those who want to do a quick edit.

All you have to do is upload the image, locate the relevant option, which in this case would be in the cut and draft section, select the part of the background that you want to cut out.

But if we talk about Photoshop, it is always best to use the complete program, since in it we can remove the background using different tools , such as the pen tool, with which you can cut specific parts of the image, in this case, the silhouette you want use, in order to separate it from the background.

In the case of having a white background , you can use the magic eraser, which will serve so that with a single click, you can eliminate all the parts of the same color in a continuous extension, this means that probably with a few clicks, you can get rid of the bottom.

How to change the background of an image for a different one?

In order to achieve this we will need to use a design program such as Photoshop , for example, this is when things get a little more complicated, since we take as an example, we want to take an image of our family and put it in the background as if they were all in Disneyland.

The first thing is to take the original photo of your family, always ensuring that it has a good quality, since the lower the quality, the more it can be pixelated, and that is not the idea. It is recommended that both the original image and the false background have the same quality.

Once you have your image of good quality, you will proceed to cut out the parts that you need to transport to the other background , in this case, the family photo. If it is a family photo with a white background, for example, you can use the magic eraser and with a couple of clicks it will have no background. Now, if it is a photo with another background with more elements, you will have to cut it with a pen, meticulously, point by point.

When you have successfully completed any of the 2 steps, you will have to locate the option ‘Select stroke’. You can remove the background by pressing delete and pressing Cntrl + T, you can take the image to drag it. After this, all you have to do is put the original image, carefully in the background you want to use. In some cases, to make it more believable, or let’s say natural, you can with a brush, add shadows, highlights, etc.

Finally, we can open this PNG file wherever we are going to use it, either to place our photo in another composite background, or in a unicolor background, since when we save our PNG photo, it will be without a background and we can use it without having to repeat this whole process.

What to do to remove only some elements from an image and keep others?

In this case, the best we can do is locate the pen tool in Photoshop.  This will allow us, for example, if we want to remove a person from a photo, we can remove them stroke by stroke just as when we replace a background.

This will not be the only thing we will have to do, since we will also have to use the patch tool, and others from Photoshop, but that is already a topic for another day.

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