Where is the Celsius symbol on iPhone?

Expressing a quantity in degrees can be impossible, as some do not know how. Go to your keyboard, right where you want to write the amount in degrees , the important thing is that you can access the writing mode. Look for the software version on iPhone or iPad, since the locations of that function vary, the most common is found directly in the numbers

Hold down the number and the degree symbol will appear next to it. If this does not work, look for the option that says ‘123’, press on it and the numbers will appear, locate the 0 key and keep your finger pressed on it. Immediately the symbol of the degree centigrade will appear, before that you will have to place the desired amount.

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  1. Does the degree symbol change depending on the version of iPhone you have?
  2. How to get the degree symbol on your iOS device?
    1. Using the keyboard
    2. Copying it from the internet
    3. With shortcuts
  3. How do you put the degrees symbol on the calculator?

Does the degree symbol change depending on the version of iPhone you have?

The answer is yes, the iPhone operating system greatly influences the interface, especially in functions such as keyboard, icon organization and distribution of other functions. With each new version, there is a reorganization of the keyboard options, including degrees Celsius, some iPhones or iPads have the function directly in the numbers, others include the implicit symbol in the number 0.

How to get the degree symbol on your iOS device?

The first step is to locate the numerical function of the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, you can do it through any writing application, when you find all the numbers, proceed to copy the amount. The degree centigrade is found in all numbers and, in some cases, only in the number 0.

You can even go to google and search for ‘centigrade degree symbol’ and use it at your convenience, you can also search for it through keyboard shortcuts. When you are tired of copying key by key, type by sliding your finger on iPhone , or Android, that way it will take less time when writing.

Using the keyboard

Find the place where you want to write the ‘degree centigrade symbol’, when you find it, click on the blank space to bring up the keyboard. Once there, go to the numerical part and write the amount, the last number will be the one with the symbol, therefore, that will be the one that you will keep pressed, release it and the degree will come out right next to the number.

The other way involves first typing the amount and then locating the option ‘123’ on the keyboard, usually at the bottom or on the sides. Among the numerical options, find the number 0, click on it, until the degree symbol appears, release it and you’re done. If you are tired of listening to your mobile while typing, turn off the keyboard sound on iPhone .

Copying it from the internet

Proceed to connect your iPhone to the internet, enter the browser of your choice, click on the magnifying glass and type ‘centigrade degree symbol’, click on search. In the results, open any page, locate the symbol and, press until the arrows appear to select it, press again and choose ‘Copy’. Then, go to the space where you want the symbol to be, press until the ‘Paste’ option appears and that’s it.

With shortcuts

Go to the ‘Settings’ of your iPhone, in the ‘General’ section select ‘Keyboard’, the option to use is called ‘Text Substitution’, enter it and select ‘+’. Now it is time to add the shortcut for the degree centigrade symbol, it will appear in predictive text, for that reason, it is advisable to write the symbol by pressing one of the numbers described above.

These must be accompanied by a word or phrase, for example ‘Centigrade °’, save the changes and go to the place where you want to place the symbol, proceed to write the added phrase as predictive text. When the phrase appears, press on it, and then erase the word centigrade, so that only the symbol in question is written.

How do you put the degrees symbol on the calculator?

Trying to copy the symbol and paste it into the calculator would suffice, but that is not possible. What you would have to do is look for the option of ‘Unit converter’ in your calculator, if you do not have it, go to the ‘App Store’ and download one. Once there, select the option ‘Centigrade’, write the amounts and proceed to perform the desired calculation. In doing so, you may experience slowness, for that try to free up space on iPhone without losing any files .

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