How to remove the seen in Instagram stories

Surely you wonder how to see a story on Instagram without turning off the seen? Well, the first thing you should know is that there is no way to delete this from an Instagram story from your mobile or PC computer. However, you have to inform yourself that there are some ways in which you can unsee or unseen an Instagram story . This without the need to download one more app or go through a long and difficult process, with just a few actions it will be possible for you.

How to remove the seen in INSTAGRAM STORIES from Android, iPhone or PC?

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  1. How can I know if my seen has been recorded in someone else’s history?
    1. Is it possible to remove my seen on an Instagram story?
  2. Can you disable the seen in Instagram stories?
  3. Tricks to prevent other people from knowing that you saw their story
    1. Use airplane mode
    2. unfollow your friend
    3. Go to a mutual friend who has already seen the story

How can I know if my seen has been recorded in someone else’s history?

Instagram is a mobile application that you can get on Google Play without the need for much process, enter here and you can have it on your mobile phone instantly. To be able to see what happened to the view of a story on Instagram and remove that I saw these on your social networks, you must complete a process. Despite this, knowing if this is registered in a friend’s publication is not possible.

We can see that other applications will be able to disable the seen in a feasible way , for this reason the doubt is created and you can do this with Instagram. But, here that will not be possible, you can implement other things that will help you so that you no longer have this problem.

Delete what you have seen to remove my view and remove that I saw this will also not be possible for you for any reason. Therefore, before you see your friends’ posts, you should know that they will know that you watched them.

Is it possible to remove my seen on an Instagram story?

There are actions that you will not be able to do on the platform, for example, removing the check mark from an Instagram story. As well as not delete what you have seen in order to eliminate my view of the application . When observing said publication from your account, this is already registered without going back.

Can you disable the seen in Instagram stories?

This is a platform where you can interact with people from all over the world just by having an app. The answer to your question is no, you will not be able to turn off the read confirmation in the stories of these social networks from them.

That is, disable the checked. But there are tricks that will work so that they do not realize that you have watched a story. However, there are applications that can be served.

An example of it is Unseen which is an app that allows you to read messages without having to activate the ‘read’ and thus remove the check mark from an Instagram story. It’s free and you can install it by entering Google Play with your Android . The steps to use it are as follows:

  • Download and install the app where you want to delete that you have seen the story or to remove that I saw this.
  • Click on ‘Next’.
  • Choose the Google applications in which you want to apply it, in this case Instagram
  • Authorize UnSeen’s access.
  • When you receive a notification, you will also see it from the UnSeen app, where you can access it without unchecking an Instagram story.

Tricks to prevent other people from knowing that you saw their story

There are many ways that you can apply so that you do not appear in the stories or delete what you have seen. But this will be tricks where you have to ‘trick’ Instagram into not realizing it. One of the best options is to activate the ‘airplane mode’ because at that moment you see it, it will not be marked.

But you can also make it by unfollowing it, with an external account, or go to a friend who has already viewed the story you want to see. If you want to organize the stories in chronological order you can do it, just by doing a few actions on your platform you will have this option available, do it now. In this way you can remove the check mark from an Instagram story with the help of your mobile phone.

Use airplane mode

This is a feature of your device that allows you to have control in a different way in your applications. Placing it will turn off various settings such as the volume on your phone, so be careful if you want to integrate it.

The way to activate airplane mode will be from the mobile phone settings or from the options tab on the airplane icon to delete that you have seen this.

This way you can activate or deactivate it whenever you want. Continuously that’s a solution, you can load the view of an Instagram story that you want to see, which will actually be the first ones that are available on Android for your social networks. This will serve to deactivate the seen and thus remove that I saw these publications.

That will help as long as you don’t turn on the mobile data or the internet, because once you turn it on there will be no going back . Unchecking an Instagram story will be activated. You should also know that you can use it in ‘Connection and sharing’ where in these options you can place it or deactivate the check mark.

Another thing you can do is turn off the ‘Active Status’ in your account , that will make you not be seen as turned on. You can be calm in the mobile application of your Instagram PC and thus delete what you have seen.

This will also be possible for you to do with your PC computer in your web browser. It is as if it were a mobile application. But, they call airplane mode performance, they only change this part.

unfollow your friend

If in a way you no longer want to see the Instagram stories of someone you know, it is best to unfollow them. But keep in mind that even as an ‘unfollower’ if you see a story in it , your username will be seen as soon as you view it and delete what you have seen either on your Android or iOS device or with your web browser, on a computer.

Also, it is important that if you do not want to be seen, then you create an external account. Which will help you a lot to see the profiles of the people you want without having to use your account to remove the view from an Instagram story.

Go to a mutual friend who has already seen the story

The reason is that this is the best way, because if you have a friend who follows the person in the story, that person will be seen and you will not have to delete that you have seen the image in these applications. Ideally, you will go with your friends who have already watched your story and do not have to deactivate the check mark.

Because when you see it again it will not be marked at once , it is a way to ‘stalk’ someone without having to scare anyone with your web browser, with your computer or any other device. Although we know that it is the least viable option which you can apply if you do not want them to see that it is you who is seeing how to remove the check mark from an Instagram story and it will work wonders for you without having to unsee the photo.


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