How do you know who has seen your Facebook stories?

The Apps that we use every day to communicate have to reinvent themselves in order to keep and attract new users. And this is very well known by the most used social network in the world , Facebook, and in this sense it adds new functions, such as stories. But did you know that you can know who sees your Facebook stories and this from your mobile or PC .

Facebook stories are a very interesting element that the social network has integrated in order to give more dynamism to the way we interact. And in this way we can upload images, videos and any other element . But with the exception that it will only have 24 hours, after that period of time, they will disappear and this has been liked by many users.

Therefore, it is possible to put music in stories, put stickers or put song lyrics in Facebook stories . But we are always intrigued to know if our stories are seen by our friends and it turns out that it is possible. And this is the purpose of this article, to show you how you can know who sees your Facebook stories from your smartphone or mobile .

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  1. What is the procedure to upload content to your story on Facebook?
    1. With Android
    2. On iOS
    3. From Instagram
  2. Where do friends see your Facebook story?
  3. How to see the reactions that your friends have made on Facebook to the story you uploaded?
  4. Can people who are not on your friends list see your story?
  5. How can you configure who sees your Facebook stories?
    1. With the Android app
    2. From an iOS device
    3. On the official website
  6. Is there a way to know how many times your story has been viewed on Facebook?

What is the procedure to upload content to your story on Facebook?

Now if you have never uploaded audiovisual content in your Facebook stories , don’t worry. Since, as you will see later, it is a very simple and quick procedure to perform. And the best of all is that you can do it from the App installed on your mobile or from your personal computer, and in this case you will enter the official Facebook page.

With Android

If you use a phone that works with Android system, you must do the following to share in your stories . The first step is to enter the Facebook application, once you are on your profile, go to the News section and click on the icon (+) ‘Create stories’. In this section you can select the item to upload Music, Text, Selfie, etc.

You will also have the option to upload a photo or video and this from your phone’s gallery, or you can, if you prefer, take one right now. And for this you just have to click on the camera icon, once this process is finished, you can use the different icons to add stickers, text, drawing or whatever you prefer to customize the story to your liking .

The next step is to choose who you want to see your story and for this you must click on the ‘Privacy’ option. And to finish and upload your creation, you must click on the option ‘Share in stories’ and remember that it will be available to the public you chose for 24 hours.

On iOS

You will proceed in a similar way if you use a mobile that works with the iOS operating system, and as a first step you must enter the Facebook App. While in your profile, go to the News section and click on the icon (+) ‘Create story’ and select the type of story to create . You can also use content that is in your gallery or create it by clicking on the camera icon.

After having the photo or video, you can use the icon to add text, drawing, stickers, etc . The next step is to click on the gear-shaped icon. This to select the ‘Privacy’ option and select the audience that can see the story. To finish, click on the option ‘Share in stories’.

From Instagram

Now if you want to share a story created on Instagram on your Facebook account , you just have to do the following. Enter the Instagram App from your iOS or Android smartphone and create your story. Remember that you can upload two photos in the same story , once you finish, click on the ‘Send to’ option.

Now find and select ‘Options to share’ and you must choose between these two options ‘Share on Facebook always’ or ‘Share once’. To finish, all you have to do is click on the Share option and voila, you have uploaded a story to Facebook from Instagram .

Where do friends see your Facebook story?

We all feel some concern to know which of our friends sees the stories we share on Facebook . And the truth is that it is very simple to do and it will not take you long to know this important information for us. The first thing you should do is enter your profile on the social network.

The next step will be to go to the main menu and there, search and select the ‘Your story’ section. Once this action is carried out, a list will be displayed on the screen with all the people who have seen your story from the moment it was published.

How to see the reactions that your friends have made on Facebook to the story you uploaded?

The reactions that our friends have regarding the stories we publish can also be seen. Remember that the social network allows us to have a reaction on the content that is uploaded in Facebook stories. Although this will be subject to the privacy settings that have been chosen for that story.

And this information will also appear in the ‘Your story’ option, where it not only shows you who of your friends have seen your story. Also the number of views that publication has and the reactions that uploading that story on Facebook has produced .

Can people who are not on your friends list see your story?

So that other people who are not part of your friends list have access to what you post or upload in your Facebook stories, it will depend solely and exclusively on how you configure the privacy option.

Remember that when uploading a story, you must choose who can have access to that content and in this case you must choose from the options it offers you. So if you select the option ‘Public’ everyone will have the possibility to see your story. On the other hand, if you choose the option ‘Friends’, these will be the only ones that will be allowed to see the content.

How can you configure who sees your Facebook stories?

The privacy options allow you to choose which people can see what you post on your Facebook stories. And it offers it to you at the same time that you are creating the audiovisual content, and if you do not know how to do it, we will tell you about it right away.

With the Android app

On Android mobile devices, you can easily configure who can see your Facebook stories . And as we already mentioned, you can do it after creating your story, once you have included the different elements that make up your photo or video.

At this point you must click on the ‘Privacy’ option found in the lower left part of the screen. When you do this, the options that you can choose and select for whom this publication will be visible will be displayed on the screen .

From an iOS device

In the event that you use an iOS phone, the steps to follow are very similar, since we will work from the Facebook App. Once you have created your video or photo and have included all the elements it will contain , go to the gear icon.

Click on it and then select the ‘Privacy’ option from the menu, this action will allow you to see on the screen the options that allow you to choose the public that can see your story. Now you just make the choice and that’s it, by clicking on ‘ Share your story’ it can only be seen by the audience you chose.

On the official website

If you want to choose the audience that will have access to your stories from the PC, the first thing you have to do is go to the official Facebook website . Enter your information so that you can enter your profile and proceed to create your story.

Once you have it ready, next to Your Story you will find the gear icon and you must click on it. And now proceed to select the audience you want to see your story, you can choose between several options and voila, when you share your story, it can only be seen by the audience you chose.

Is there a way to know how many times your story has been viewed on Facebook?

Facebook offers us a clear visualization of the data that interests us and knowing how many times a story has been seen, is one of them. To know this information it will only be necessary that you enter the ‘Your story’ section and there you will see a blue point. This is shaped like an eye and tells you the number of times your story has been viewed.

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