How to know who has seen your WhatsApp status

The best tricks to find out which WhatsApp contacts have seen your current status

Next we will show you how to know who has seen your WhatsApp status , those publications of the instant messaging app that aims to imitate the ephemeral content of other applications and social networks and that is becoming more and more popular among WhatsApp users on iOS and Android. And it is that the so-called WhatsApp states are something like the Stories of Instagram or Facebook or the Reels of Twitter , ephemeral publications that are visible only for a few hours before disappearing . Therefore, we teach you the besttricks to know who has seen your WhatsApp statuses .

WhatsApp: how to know who has seen your statuses

Index of contents

  • Choose who you want to see your statuses
  • How to know who sees your statuses

WhatsApp statuses are publications with an expiration date , that is, they are only available for a while and then disappear forever. And unlike other apps with similar content (such as Instagram or Facebook ), WhatsApp statuses are visible to any WhatsApp user by default, as long as they have your phone number and have you added to their agenda. Of course, there is the option that only those people who have their number and that you also have theirs see your statuses, to avoid that nobody knows about you outside of your control.

Choose who you want to see your statuses

Before moving on to the point of how to know who has seen your WhatsApp statuses, first we are going to detail how to choose who you want to see your statuses . So much so, that the WhatsApp application itself allows you to configure the privacy of your statuses, so that they are not available to anyone who for one reason or another has your mobile phone number; You can even choose which people you want to have access to your WhatsApp statuses.

Follow the steps below to configure the privacy of your WhatsApp statuses :

  1. Access the WhatsApp app.
  2. Open WhatsApp Settingsthrough the icon with the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. In Settingsselect the Privacy option .
  4. In the section Who can see my personal information,look for the Status option .

Once in the Status section you can choose who you want to see your WhatsApp status between:

  • My contacts.
  • My contacts, except …
  • Just share with …

Choose the option that suits you best, either all contacts or only selected contacts .

How to know who sees your statuses

Once you know how to determine who you want to have access to your WhatsApp statuses, let’s see how to know who has seen your statuses . To do this, you just have to open the WhatsApp app and click on the States tab . Once inside, click on My status and you will access the list with all your status publications made in the last 24 hours .

In each status of the list, information such as the time it was published and an eye-shaped icon will appear that will indicate the number of WhatsApp users who have seen that status. In turn, if you click on the eye icon, the list of users who have seen the status and the time they have seen it will appear. As simple as consulting this menu of your WhatsApp statuses.


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