How to remove the photo from the Google account

How to remove the photo from the Google account.

The Google Account is a useful tool that can be used for many purposes, including sending emails to yourself or others. It also contains the information you need to log into your computer in an emergency such as when you forget your passwords due to a variety of reasons, such as forgetting them at work while taking it home without a bag waiting for it, so now everything is locked without even being able to go into the settings!

A Google account gives users access not only to their emails but also to other accounts such as Facebook and Twitter – which means that if a person has their Gmail set up then they will automatically receive messages sent by friends about what they are doing online. Right now; while someone else may receive notifications regarding.

The way to delete photos from your Google account is simple. Open “My Pictures” on your web browser, find and select an image you want to remove, then hit the Remove Selected Image option in the menu bar at the top of the page (or right-click on the photo).
The process takes about 1 minute depending on whether or not there are other files associated with this particular folder within Google Drive – but once complete all deleted items will be permanently gone!

Do you have a Google account and have entered a profile photo that you want to change? Well you are in the right place. Today we will understand how to remove the photo from the Google account so that you can edit it in case you are no longer satisfied with it. Setting a profile photo is an action that must be performed in advance when activating a Google account. It could then happen that after some time you want to modify the image in question. To do this, there is a real setting that allows you to carry out this action. Let’s see together then how to remove the photo from the Google account.

How to remove the photo from the Google account

How to remove the photo from the Google account

This action can be implemented both from PC and smartphone. Below we will see how to remove the photo from the Google account. Furthermore, please note that this operation can be carried out not only from PC and smartphone but also directly from the browser by accessing Google. Let’s start with the latter case.

Remove the Google account photo from browser

In case you use Google Chrome as your default browser you cannot remove the profile picture from the toolbar. What you can do instead is modify it by choosing between different types of avatars

  • log in to Google
  • click on the button with the three vertical dots at the top right
  • reach the settings
  • Click on You and Google> Chrome name and image
  • choose how to customize your profile

From smartphones and tablets

How to remove the photo from the Google account

In case you want to remove the Google profile photo, you can do it from mobile devices. All you need to do is:

  • open the Google web browser
  • go to the myaccount page
  • log into your personal account
  • tap on Sign in
  • specify the email address / phone number
  • click on Next to continue
  • enter your password
  • click on Next again
  • tap on the profile picture in basic settings
  • press the remove button

At this point you will no longer see an image but an icon with the initials of your username. The procedure is the same for both iOS and Android devices.

From pc

If we want to remove the profile picture we can do it by logging into the Google account:

  • log into your Google account
  • click on Log in
  • enter phone number / e-mail
  • click on the Next button
  • enter your password and click Next again
  • click now on profile picture in basic information
  • press on remove.
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