How to remove iPhone auto brightness

How to remove iphone auto brightness. Do you have an iPhone recently and are you still trying to understand all its features? In particular, would you like to know more about the brightness options? You have come to the right place. Are you wondering why the brightness of your iPhone varies according to the surrounding place and even according to the time? Within this article we will address this discourse. Specifically, you want to find out how to turn off iPhone auto brightness? Then all you have to do is continue reading this article. First of all let’s try to understand what is meant by automatic brightness.

IPhone automatic brightness

How to remove iphone auto brightness

Automatic brightness is nothing more than an option provided for the iPhone designed to protect the device, especially the display but also the sight of those who use it. But not only; automatic brightness allows you to limit wasted battery. In short, it is clear that the reasons why such an option is indispensable are enough, but in any case you could be annoyed by the fact that suddenly the colors of your screen become darker and vice versa. Automatic brightness has several advantages:

  • increased battery life
  • device performance optimization
  • benefits for the eyesight of those who use the device

Using a smartphone for many hours can cause visual discomfort. Dry and tired eyes are the main symptom of overuse of the device. In this regard, Apple has studied an option such as “automatic brightness” able to avoid eye fatigue. Moreover, thanks to this mode it is possible to take advantage of better and prolonged performances since the mobile phone, “saving” on the brightness, will benefit in terms of power and therefore of charge. Having said that, it is clear that it would be not recommended to disable this option, but in case you still want to understand how to remove the automatic brightness of the iPhone, we will provide you with all the details about it.

How to remove iPhone auto brightness

How to remove iphone auto brightness

To deactivate this mode, all you have to do is access the device settings. From here, the steps to take are very simple:

  • from settings go to Screen and brightness
  • displays the automatic entry
  • move the lever from ON to OFF

This way you will have deactivated this mode. Please note that by activating the automatic brightness, if the dark aspect of the screen is set, the latter will become so only in dark conditions.

We also remind you that in this section you can also change other options relating to the brightness of the smartphone. We refer to the True Tone option, Night Shift and the automatic brightness lock.

True Tone, Night Shift and Auto Lock

After understanding how to remove iPhone auto-brightness, you can also change other options.

True Tone

This is an option available for iPhone 8 and later. Thanks to this option it is possible to change the color tone of the iPhone so that they adapt to the conditions of the surrounding environment. For example, if this mode is activated, the tones of the iPhone will be darker in the dark. The goal is to make the image quality as good and as natural as possible.

In addition, a bar for manual brightness adjustment can be displayed above the True Tone option. By moving the lever to the left, the brightness will decrease; it will increase as the lever is moved to the right. This option can also be changed from the device control center.

All you have to do is tap on the appropriate icon in the shape of the sun

Night Shift

As for the Night Shift option, we can see that this allows the display colors to be changed from more or less warm colors based on the surrounding light. If enabled, this will have sunset to sunrise functionality.

All you have to do to activate / deactivate it is to tap on it. YES for activation, NO for deactivation:

The automatic brightness lock, on the other hand, prevents the display from going to stand by. It is easy to imagine that this option, if it were deactivated, could involve a considerable energy expenditure.

In this case, you can choose between several options:

Setting the option to NEVER the display will never go into stand by mode.

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