How to remove the detection of ‘Ok, Google’ in Android Auto

Are you in the car and the music cuts out every time your Android Auto detects something like ‘Ok Google’? It is not recommended, but you can deactivate this function : we will tell you step by step how to eliminate the automatic detection of the phrase that activates Google Assistant .

Being an operating system for the car, and with the danger of the slightest distraction at the wheel, Android Auto is developed with large icons, with the interface well visible and designed to make navigation through the different elements. Even without using your hands: Assistant supports voice control of many of the options . Now, this doesn’t have to appeal to everyone. And, just as it can be disabled on mobile , the ‘Ok, Google’ detection can also be removed from Android Auto.

Prevent Android Auto from stopping the music every time you hear something like ‘Ok Google’

It is something very annoying in smart speakers: it is enough for someone to say a phrase similar to the one that wakes up the assistant, or that is emitted through the television speakers, for the speaker to come into operation asking if something is desired. And in the car it can be even worse: Assistant can cut the information from the radio right at a key point , such as during traffic alerts.


AAAD, the launcher that installs apps on your Android Auto so you can run them in the car

Although the ‘Ok, Google’ detection is not 100% reliable, and often entails some annoyance when Assistant jumps without it being necessary, it is a good idea to have the detection of the command active in case you need to call someone urgently or send them a message . Voice saves hands off the wheel and eyes off the road are two good reasons to maintain detection.

If you still want to disable the ‘Ok, Google’ we are going to tell you how to do it:

  • Open the settings of the Android phone that you use to connect to the car. The disabling of the command is not found in the Android Auto settings.
  • Search for ‘Android Auto’ in your phone’s settings. As each brand places the menu differently, the most comfortable thing is to use the search engine.
  • Go to ‘Hey, Google Detection’ and disable the ‘While Driving’ setting. In this way, Assistant will not jump while your mobile phone is connected to Android Auto and the car keeps moving.
  • If you want the mobile to never detect the command (neither when it is connected to the car or out of it), uncheck the ‘Hey, Google’ setting. It applies to the whole phone, not just Android Auto.
  • If you want to make sure, you can delete the voice model: in this way your phone will not be prepared for the detection of the command. And it applies to all mobile phones, not just Android Auto.

We recommend that you keep ‘Ok Google’ while driving because you will always have a way to respond to calls and messages without taking your hands off the wheel . In any case, you have the final decision: if the assistant ends up distracting you more than helping you, now you know how to remove it.

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