Steps to disable or remove Google Assistant on Android

Mobile devices that run on Android operating systems use pre – installed services from the giant Google. And this can be a real advantage, having Google Maps, Play Store, Play Music or the Google assistant.

Although the latter is a function that must be activated first for it to work, you may have done it without realizing it. And now you want to disable it and that is why we will teach you how to remove the Ok Google voice assistant command on an Android.

The Google assistant is a very useful tool that can even help us find where we have parked the car . But it is also true that having this function active, it will be pending at all times that we indicate a voice command. Something that can be very annoying and can lead to deactivating this great assistant.

So if you have already installed and configured the Google assistant on your mobile, but now you want to delete it and you don’t know how you can do it. We invite you to read the following article until the end and know what steps you must follow. To be able to remove or disable the Ok Google voice assistant command on your Android device.


  • Steps to disable or remove Google Assistant on Android
  • Disabling the Google Assistant

Steps to disable or remove Google Assistant on Android

It is true that the use of virtual assistants is on the rise and can be a real help in this fast-paced world in which we live. And it is very easy to forget dates and appointments and the Google Assistant can create and set reminders . But if you have already made the decision to eliminate this function, here we will tell you how you can do it.

We will be able to verify through this article that deactivating the assistant is very easy to do. What if it can be a bit complicated is to find where the option is to be able to deactivate this function, it will be necessary that we enter the Google assistant itself. When we do this we will enter its graphical interface and we must find and click on the “More” option.

Then we must select the option “Settings” to be taken to its window and have at hand a menu with different options for the configuration of the Google assistant. Among the different options that we will find are General, Notifications, interests, among others. In the case at hand, we are going to click on the option “Voice” to select it.

Disabling the Google Assistant

The previous action will allow you to be taken to a new window in which a new menu of options can be seen Where it stands out, Languages, Spoken Results, Offline Speech Recognition. But we must go a little further down in this window and select the option “Voice Match” so that it opens and shows its configurable options.

Where we will see only 4 options that are  “Ok Google” “While driving” “Recreate the voice model” and “Delete voice model”. But in our case we are going to put our attention on the option “Ok Google” which shows a switch on the right side and we can see that it is activated.

Now the last step we have to do is press the switch and slide it to the left until it changes from blue to gray. This action will indicate that the function has been deactivated and therefore the voice assistant command Ok Google. In the case that you want to activate the function again, you just have to follow the same steps and activate the switch.

You can realize how simple and fast we can activate and deactivate functions on our Android mobile. And it is only necessary that we know the steps to follow, as we did to increase or increase the volume of the assistant. And in this way we end the tutorial that I can guide you to remove or deactivate the Ok Google voice assistant command on your Android.



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