How to remove temporary or junk files from Steam games

If you are a great gamer, chances are that you have adapted to playing on any console and platform; For this reason, if you are one of those who use PC , it is quite likely that your trusted platform is Steam, since it corresponds to one of the platforms par excellence used by all gamers worldwide.

It is quite likely that with the use of Steam, you have so many games on your console that you have lost count and therefore, it is quite likely that you will need to delete some games , in order to make a little space and get some extra games .

If you are decided on the latter, the most common is that various files remain residual within the Windows platform , which is why they usually take up a lot of space without necessity and with which they will become a nuisance in the long term.

For this reason, within the web you can find various tools such as Steam Cleaner, an excellent program which will help you clean all those data that are usually left by programs like Steam, Origin, Uplay and even GoG.

These programs generally do not need more knowledge, and their use is optimal and quite intelligent, so it will only take you a few minutes for the application to help you clean all these unnecessary files inside your PC.

Use Steam Cleaner, to be able to delete junk files

Steam is known as one of the largest video game distributors in this digital age, as well as being one of the most successful within this network. Within its platform, you will not only have the opportunity to access a wide network of games, which is growing each time to the point that its fans and followers have grown exponentially.

However, one of its most prevalent problems is the fact that the platform presents serious control problems over temporary files and in the same way over the garbage it generates, so the user does not have any type of control over the same.

For this reason, the Steam Cleaner application was created as a revolutionary idea, which is completely free and its code is open, in order to help all players in the world, in order to carry out a thorough cleaning on their system and in this way, to be able to eliminate all the files, all those temporary files and the garbage that has accumulated by the Steam platform .

Learn more about how Steam Cleaner works

If you want to use this tool in a way that helps you with your problems, you just have to start by downloading it within GitHub for free. It should be noted that if your operating system is one of the Windows versions , you may not have problems, but nevertheless, if you have a previous version, it is important that you make sure you have the ” .Net Framework 4″ library installed.

When you have downloaded the version of the application that corresponds, you must proceed to execute it and there, you will see that a special window appears in which the program will begin to automatically detect the main clients that are installed and with that, it will proceed to analyze , the directories, in order to be able to detect all those files that are junk and in this way to be able to eliminate them in a satisfactory way.

Once this has been detected, you just have to click on the button that has the form of a trash can and you will see that the program throws a warning in which we are asked for permission to delete said files .

Once we have confirmed this action, we just have to wait and so after a second, Steam Cleaner will have finished deleting all those files which are totally unnecessary.


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