How to repair corrupted ZIP files online in Windows 10

The ZIP format is one of the most used, due to its ability to store several files as one and send them over the Internet. But it is also one of the most fragile formats as it gets corrupted easily. This is when you need the files from the corrupted ZIP to recover the files.

Although ZIP files guarantee some security to the user when sending files over the network with a password , there is a slight possibility that the information will be lost. Only one bit is lost in the file transfer and the .ZIP file is corrupted.

The error may be imperceptible until the moment of unzipping the file . It is when the dreaded error message appears to tell you that the file is damaged.

How to repair and extract corrupted ZIP files online in Windows 10

There is an Online tool that allows you to repair files is ZipRecovery Online. The easy to use and you can find it on the official page . You just need to upload the file to the page with the Select file button.

The tool will do a thorough analysis of the damaged file and depending on its size it may take time to complete the process. When finished, you have free and paid recovery options to download the recovered files.

Zip Recovery has a desktop version that can be installed on Windows 10. It is a more complete version to select the files you want to recover.

Applications to repair ZIP files

There are multiple options that allow you to retrieve information from a ZIP file. Some are free and others are paid, it’s a matter of choosing which one best suits your needs.


If the application you use by default to unzip your files in ZIP or RAR format is WinRar, then you don’t have to install another application.

  • Open the file with the WinRar application
  • Select the Tools option from the menu bar
  • Click on the Repair file  option
  • Select the folder where you want to place the file to be repaired and choose if you want to treat the file as if it were to form ZIP or RAR.
  • When the process finishes, find the file in the selected folder and check its status.

Zip Repair

It is a free application that can be used to repair ZIP files safely. It guarantees to repair the file and still maintain its structure.

  • Download the Zip Repair application from its page and install in Windows 10
  • Launch the application and you will see that the interface is simple. Select the damaged file with the Browse button
  • Select the path where you want to place the repaired file, then press the Next button
  • The next window shows the internal content of the corrupted ZIP file, press the Next button to continue
  • The file repair process begins, it may take a while depending on the file size.
  • To complete the process, press the Finish button and you will have access to the repaired file.


This application is easy to use due to its simple interface, as well as being compatible with various operating systems. Zip2Fix recovers files by separating functional files from corrupted ones.

Scans the corrupted file for complete files and leaves out the damaged ones. At the end of the process it creates a new ZIP file, which can be accessed once the process is finished.

Object Fix Zip

It is a freeware application whose sole objective is to repair damaged ZIP files. Rebuild a new ZIP file based on the damaged file. It only recovers as many files as possible that are compressed in the ZIP.

It allows you to extract multiple ZIP files at the same time in a single operation and repair corrupted or partially damaged files. It is compatible with almost any file, except those that are encrypted.


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