How to remove paint stains from the floor

One of the most common headaches when we are going to paint at home is paint stains on the floor . Obviously, it is not the same to paint a picture as a room, therefore, it is essential to know how to remove paint stains from the floor before starting to paint to solve this problem quickly and effectively.

If you don’t remove the paint in time, it could penetrate the tiles and dry out, especially on porous floors. Unfortunately, there is not a universal method for all types of surfaces, since each one will require a different treatment to remove these stains. Find out below! We tell you how to remove paint stains from the floor!

Homemade tricks to remove paint stains from the floor

As much as you cover when you go to paint at home, paint chips could end up on the floor more easily than you think. In order to solve it, we recommend these homemade tricks to remove paint stains from the floor.

  1. Remove paint stains from rough flooring

Rough or concrete floors are surfaces that absorb any substance very easily. For this reason, to remove paint stains on porous floors you will need a specific product, such as hydrochloric acid or salfumán. Please use it as follows:

1. First, put on goggles and gloves to clean the floor with this product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

  1. Apply the salfumán and spread it with the help of a mop in the areas affected by the paint stains.
  2. Wait a few minutes for it to act on the surface.
  3. Finally, clean the floor with warm water to remove the remains of this product and paint. Do this several times if necessary to ensure that all debris is completely removed.

This is one of the best home tricks for removing paint stains from terrazzo floors or any other porous surface.

  1. How to remove paint stains on parquet flooring

To remove paint stains from wooden or parquet floors, it is essential to clean the area immediately so that it does not leak and adhere strongly to the wood. Otherwise, if the paint dries, it will be much more difficult to remove it from the parquet. To do it correctly, follow these tips:

  1. The kind of paint will determine the method we should use. If it’s a water-based paint, you can remove it with a clean cloth dampened in hot water.

2 . On the other hand, if the paint is oil-based, it is best to use a specific solvent to remove paint.

  1. Be careful with solvents that contain alcohol, as they can destroy the finish of the wood.

If, despite taking precautions, you find dry paint stains on your parquet , pour a little hot water to soften them and remove them more easily. You can use a soft sponge to rub the dried paint off the wood.

You can also use a spatula if they are large drops, but be careful not to damage or scratch it. If at the end of the cleaning you find that there are marks on the parquet, it is best to sand the area, paint it and re-varnish it.

  1. How to remove paint stains from porcelain floors

Among the most effective homemade tricks to remove paint stains from porcelain floor are specific products for it. However, you can only use them occasionally, as they are acidic and can damage the surface with repeated use. Also, do not forget to wear glasses, a mask and gloves, as they are harmful to health.

  1. First, clean the floor with clean water before pouring the chemical on it. In this way, you will prevent excess absorption of this compound in your porcelain floor.
  2. While cleaning the floor, avoid bumps or pressure that could cause imperfections in the pavement, such as tears and other marks. We refer above all to the use of a spatula or scraper to remove the remains of paint.
  3. Last but not least, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the product before using it. When you finish the treatment, clean the floor again with water to rinse it and remove the remains.

Tips for removing paint stains on the floor

After showing you the best homemade tricks to remove paint stains from floors by different methods, we offer you some tips to do it effortlessly and effectively:

  1. If the porcelain stoneware is freshly laid, avoid cleaning the surface with any acidic product. Cement reacts a lot when it comes into contact with the acidity of these compounds, which prevents it from setting, causing the joints to deteriorate.
  2. Remove paint stains as quickly as possible, since it is much easier to treat them in liquid than solid state. This way you will only need water, a mop and a bucket to get rid of them. If some of them have dried more than necessary, you can use a spatula or scraper to scrape off the embedded stains, but as we have indicated before, do it gently so as not to damage the surface.
  3. If the stains are made of acrylic, latex or plastic paint, try preparing a mixture of scrubbers and hot water to clean them if they are recent and the type of soil allows it.
  4. Finally, to remove paint stains from the floor such as varnish or synthetic enamels, the best option is to mix turpentine or solvent with soap and water. In case you don’t want to use such an aggressive item, use rubbing alcohol with soap and water.

With these tricks, there will be no paint stains on the floor that will resist you, so do not hesitate to use them whenever necessary. Do they work!

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