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Mental health is essential, and to achieve this requires certain routines and activities. Technology, arguably, has helped in this regard.

The development of different tools has opened an important door. Such is the case of the mandala , an ancient symbol with a high content of spirituality. Today you will discover the best applications to color mandalas from the Tablet or PC.

If you have free time and a lot of stress on your shoulders, coloring mandalas will be an activity that will surprise you. Get ready to find out how this trend has emerged, the benefits it brings and which platforms to use for coloring.

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  1. What are the benefits of coloring mandalas with multiple colors?
  2. Coloring apps on your iOS and Android tablet or smartphone
    1. Adobe Fresco
    2. PepaPig: Paint box
    3. Recolor
  3. Other programs for MacOS and Windows that you can use to draw and color
    1. Photoshop CC
    2. Clip Studio Paint
    3. Paint Tool Sai
    4. Visit Drawings.net
    5. Zen: Coloring book for adults
  4. What are you waiting to start coloring?

What are the benefits of coloring mandalas with multiple colors?

Before you know the best applications to color mandalas from Tablet or PC, it is convenient to review a little history. This symbol is native to India and is frequently used in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Mandalas represent the microcosm and macrocosm, all of this always from the spiritual point of view. Its benefits are attributed mainly to the practice of meditation . However, for some time, they have been highly sought after objects for decorative purposes.

As noted above, mandalas have deep spiritual significance . In Buddhist and Hindu culture, the mandala is used to achieve levels of calm.

In this way, it would be possible to establish a link or connection between divinity and man. Therefore, with the help of mandalas, a spiritual balance or purification of the soul can be found.

The market has taken advantage of this symbol and has managed to exploit its commercialization. These days, it is common to see decorative mandalas in homes and businesses . Precisely, they are placed with the belief that these help to purify the environment and ward off bad energies.

But it has not only had an influence from the decorative point of view. Many say that coloring mandalas has also turned out to be very beneficial. This practice is frequented, above all, in people with anxiety. The simple fact of taking charge of coloring mandalas gives them a feeling of tranquility and calm . It allows them to better manage their emotions and thoughts.

Coloring apps on your iOS and Android tablet or smartphone

If you want to start checking the effectiveness of the mandalas, coloring them will surely be an interesting step. Each operating system (mobile or PC) has different programs. Searching for the best one could be a chore at times.

That is why this section will make your life easier, how? Selecting the best applications to color send them from your Tablet or PC.

Adobe Fresco

Traditional artists sometimes do not have quick access to the materials necessary to create what their creativity demands of them, but in the case of digital artists they have the fastest tools and on touch devices like the one Adobe Fresco provides.

Like the previous one, it has a wide capacity in touch pens from different collections to make high quality digital paintings to discover and exploit creativity.

One of its main tasks is to offer the artist that he can make his works with a totally natural experience that can result from the use of works with watercolors and vector brushes.

It is compatible for iPhone devices with large space on the hard disk and that also have an Internet connection to often access the services it offers online . Finally, it is important to note that the application is paid and also has a premium plan.

PepaPig: Paint box

Unlike the other applications, this one has a particularity of being specially designed for the most Peppa lovers . That is, it has many surprises in terms of the Peppa cartoon with tools to draw whoever wants the most, but especially the smallest of the home use it.

In addition, it not only has Peppa but other characters that may be to your liking and you can draw directly on the canvas by choosing a character to color.

The best of all is that while the painting is being done, the character of George and Peppa will appear to see how the drawing progresses, thus being very dynamic the moment of coloring during this application.

To finish with this application it is important like the others to highlight how we do to have it and that is that it has the advantage of being totally free and you can have it faster from its official website.


If you have an Apple device, you will love downloading this application . Not only does it have a wide variety of mandala designs, but its tools and brushes are incredible. You can download this application for free. Take advantage of its customization features and experiment with the available filters.

When talking about the best applications to color mandalas from your Tablet or PC, we must talk about Recolor! This is an application where you will find drawings of all kinds to color. It has a large number of functions with which you can make real works of art. Of course, within its large catalog of drawings, there are mandalas.

At Recolor, you will surely find the best mandala designs for coloring. This application is available on both Android and iOS.

Other programs for MacOS and Windows that you can use to draw and color

For many artists it is much better to access programs through computers that have more image resolution and storage capacity to better carry out canvases more professionally in a digital way.

There are many of these programs or online pages that often use many of them for free as well as other free ones that will also depend on your accessibility and the device you use to access.

Photoshop CC

If it is a novelty, because this program has everything, it is quite complex today, many to start this program take courses to have more knowledge and make the most of the ability to edit photos and images, including many tools to create the best designs and image improvements already made.

This program is the most preferred by many professionals in this area in the world, it differs from other programs because it has so many professional options and that it is also very accessible for everyone, being this so good.

Among its best tools are those of cutting, eliminating background objects, perfecting faces, filling, creating more layers in a wide and complete way. In fact, it has an incredible advantage of replacing backgrounds with shadows quickly , for this you only need to know more about the program.

In many cases people appear in the backgrounds of our photographs or objects that do not look good or give a good aesthetic to the work or photograph and with this program you can access to erase all this that is interfering. 

This program has wide compatibility with computers and with the image formats that we want to use and you can also change the format within this program.

The best of all is that it not only has all those tools but to all that is added that we can color within this program , digitally we can draw and color with different colors that help us to make a work with lines and curves. Likewise, the main thing is to use the tip of the Brush Tip that is used for coloring and to change the colors that we work on.

Clip Studio Paint

There are many artists for digital media who have to opt for tools like Clip Studio Paint which is available for tablets and iPad devices . It is fully recommended for its ability to reflect each movement, each path step by step, exactly as your creativity tells you, this tool makes it come true.

Likewise, what he gives great importance to is that it has dozens of brushes that help the artist in an efficient way to personalize his work of art and that the finish is satisfactory.

The use of this application is paid but when you start it it gives you many months free, there are many users who access this application because of its breadth in the world of illustration, comic animation. 

Paint Tool Sai

This application in common with the previous ones is used to draw but in fact it is much easier to work in it, you can in a short time make a stable illustration that has enough compatibility with digitizers.

Work with a palette of fresh colors to just provide that same feeling through the works that are done in the application. At the same time, it has a fairly minimalist appearance that does not allow eyestrain to arrive quickly.

One of its main characteristics is that the canvas can be zoomed in or out to observe the drawing more closely. It also has extensive tools to draw such as watercolors, pencils and more, with all these tools you can make vector drawings in any way.

You can also add highlights to your drawing and even add shadows for more details, in capable you can work with these tools or separately that you determine when making your work according to your knowledge of the application.

Among other tools that you use to draw and color send them is the shape tools and text layers if necessary in the composition that you want to give it to highlight its visualization.

Visit Drawings.net

If you don’t have a mobile device and you want to draw mandalas from your computer , this platform is perfect. You won’t need to download anything, just go to the website and start coloring.

You will not only find mandalas. You will also find a variety of drawings waiting to be colored by you . Once finished, you can download and print your drawing.

Zen: Coloring book for adults

This platform offers you up to more than 250 mandala designs available to be painted . Like the previous alternatives, it has interesting tools related to creating and customizing the brush .

What are you waiting to start coloring?

With all these options, it only remains that you take enough time to dedicate yourself to this interesting activity. The results, for sure, you will notice progressively. Shake a little stress and color a mandala !


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