How to remove or remove enchantments and spells in Minecraft?

Within the Minecraft universe there are many enchantments to improve those tools or objects that are obtained throughout the game; However, when the time comes, knowing how to remove or remove enchantments and spells is of the utmost importance to make room for new horizons and new opportunities.

How to Remove or Delete Enchantments and Spells in Minecraft

Also, sometimes the enchantment or spell obtained is not really what the user expected. In the sense that the improvement for the tool was not ostentatious enough to carry out any specific activity. Adding more weight and reasons to have prior knowledge about spells and how to get rid of them.

Basics before removing or removing enchantments and spells

An enchantment is nothing more than an aspect that Minecraft offers to improve or add utilities to the objects that make life within the game, call it armor; weapons, such as swords and tridents ; tools, such as picks or shovels and books in general.

They are within reach of the user, when the same manages to make an enchantment table first. By redeeming a certain amount of experience points and displaying items that have not previously been enchanted (you can enchant things and objects in Minecraft up to level 1000 ).

In turn, by means of an anvil in conjunction with a spellbound book plus a particular object or tool with previous cancellation of experience points, you have access to any enchantment. This will be random and determined by the game depending on the level of the player at that point in the process.


Similarly, thanks to the same anvil but having two enchanted objects at the same time , they can be combined into one but with the effect of both spells. However, first you must offer the procedure a not very large sum of experience points.

The versatility to obtain these spells is quite wide, since even the moderator of a server can use the command “/ enchant” (without the quotes) to create combinations of enchantments. Knowing this, removing or eliminating enchantments and spells can be even easier.

When it comes to a game in creative mode, thanks to an anvil and enchanted books, objects you have at hand can be equally enchanted without the need to redeem experience points.

Step by step to remove spells in Minecraft

In previous versions of Minecraft, disenchanting objects or tools was considered tedious, since help from third-party mods was needed; however, with the release of update 1.14, you can achieve your goal by obtaining the “grindstone” item .

The grinding stone can be created on the workbench with two wooden blocks of any type, two wooden sticks, and a stone slab. To achieve this you must first place a wooden stick and underneath a block of the same material. Then the slab in the second column right to one side and finally another stick with another block under it in the final column.


Minecraft provides the alternative of finding the grinding stone armed if for some reason you do not have the aforementioned materials. This object intended to remove or eliminate enchantments and spells lies in the house of the gunsmith of any village. Its appearance is a rock with two wooden sticks at its sides.

Select the grinding stone by ” Clicking ” on it and place the enchanted object in one of the boxes of the options window that opened and it will immediately do its task (it does not matter if it is the attraction enchantment , efficiency or whatever). This action will make the tool appear in the next blank box completely disenchanted.

Thanks to the stone, you will have been able to remove or eliminate enchantments and spells in Minecraft with great ease , returning even the experience spent when you applied them; in the same way, you must take into account that negative enchantments are not removable through it.

Finally, you must have noticed by now if you play a lot that objects are not just limited to harboring a spell. So if you ask yourself, How many enchantments can a bow, sword or armor have in Minecraft ? You have to know that there are at least 5.


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