Minecraft Enchantments List

Minecraft Enchantments List.Enchanting in Minecraft is a game mechanism that allows you to enhance weapons, tools and armor. Almost all enchantments are positive, they can enhance weapons, tools and armor, as well as increase their strength, and increase the number of mined items. There are also negative effects, for example, the curse of loss will make the item disappear if the player dies. The table shows IDs for new and old Java Edition (PC) and Bedrock Edition. The maximum level of enchantment is also indicated, do not forget to specify it to make the item even better.


  • How to use ID in commands
  • List of enchantments

How to use ID in commands

/ give @p diamond_sword {Enchantments: [{id: knockback, lvl: 2}]} – give yourself a sword enchanted with recoil of the 2nd level
/ enchant @p efficiency 5 – enchant an item in hand at the 5th level of efficiency

List of enchantments

Enchantment Text ID ID 1.12 ID BE Max. Lvl.
Slashing Blade (JE) sweeping 22 N / A 3
Discarding knockback nineteen 12 2
Pungency sharpness sixteen nine five
Heavenly punishment smite 17 10 five
Looting (Loot) looting 21 fourteen 3
The plot of fire fire_aspect twenty 13 2
bane of arthropods bane_of_arthropods eighteen eleven five
Efficiency efficiency 32 fifteen five
Silk touch silk_touch 33 sixteen one
Luck fortune 35 eighteen 3
Shock wave punch 49 twenty 2
Force power 48 nineteen five
Ignition flame fifty 21 one
Infinity infinity 51 22 one
Tyagun (JE and BE) riptide thirty 3
Piercer impaling 29 five
Thunderer (JE and BE) channeling 32 one
Loyalty (JE and BE) loyalty 31 3
Thorns thorns 7 five 3
Strength unbreaking 34 17 3
Fix mending 70 26 one
Curse of Loss (JE and BE) vanishing_curse 71 28 one
The Curse of Immovability (JE and BE) binding_curse 27 one
Bait lure 62 24 3
Sea luck luck_of_the_sea 61 23 3
Refractoriness fire_protection one one four
Protection from projectiles projectile_protection four four four
Protection protection 0 0 four
Explosion resistance blast_protection 3 3 four
Underwater breathing respiration five 6 3
Water Affinity (Submariner) aqua_affinity 6 eight one
Ice Walk (Water Walking) frost_walker nine 25 2
Weightlessness feather_falling 2 2 four
Deep step depth_strider eight 7 3


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