How to record the screen of my PS3 console without capture?

Wondering how to record the screen of my PS3 console without capture? – Easy and Fast , then you must read the following guide in which we will talk about it.

Recording content through PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 console saw the light of day in 2007 , which in other words translates to more than a decade ago. Given this, we could say that the console already has technology of yesteryear, so modern functions such as video recording are not present in it.

Also, certain solutions that worked in the past do not work today, as Sony no longer supports this console. Given this, we can determine that it is not possible to record the screen of a PlayStation 3 console without a capturer .

In any case, there are certain measures you can use to record the content of a Gameplay on your PlayStation 3. Please read the following information carefully to use these methods.

How to record the screen of my PS3 console without capture? – Fast and easy

Understanding the complications that the PlayStation 3 presents in relation to recording Gameplay, it is best to figure it out a little, because with some creativity it is possible to find a solution to properly record the screen of the PlayStation 3. It is even possible to connect the remote control PS3 to Android without root and without cables and in this way you can take advantage of the mobile device to run your favorite games.

Use a camera or mobile phone to record the screen of the PS3 console without capturer

It might seem like a complicated and low-quality solution, but these days mobile phone cameras are very capable when recording content. In fact, the vast majority of mobiles have cameras that can record up to 4K , so excellent video quality can be expected from such devices.

In the same way, the cameras and various recording devices will also have and offer a very decent video quality, with which it is possible to record Gameplay without major inconveniences. Even so, in the event that you are interested in using this solution, you should keep certain things in mind.

  1. It is best to use a camera or mobile phone that allows you to apply manual settings when recording videos. Given this, it will be essential to control the exposure, saturation and other technical aspects of the audiovisual. The idea is to get a clear video of acceptable quality.
  2. In relation to the previous point, you should apply the option “Anti flicker” that will eliminate as its name indicates the flickers coming from screens and monitors. Applying this option and configuring the video appropriately, you will obtain a quality almost close to that offered by a capturer.
  3. It is essential that you have enough space on your device, in case you want to make a long recording. Similarly, if you use a camera it is possible to use applications such as OBS, through which you can broadcast on streaming platforms.
  4. Another aspect that you must take into account is the position of the camera, understanding that it will record the screen, you must place it in a place with which you can record the entire scene without major inconveniences. Given this, it would be highly recommended to use a tripod, which will greatly facilitate this function.

Use a video recorder

Although you possibly came to this tutorial looking to record the screen of the PlayStation 3 without a capturer, the truth is that the best way to obtain video from a Gameplay is using a capturer.

A video capture device will allow you to obtain content in the highest possible quality, since it is obtained directly from the HDMI output of the console. In addition, with a capturer you can send the video to your computer, something especially useful if you have a channel on streaming platforms like Twitch. However, if you do not have a video recorder, the best alternative is to use and connect the controller of your PS3 to the PC to play from Windows or Mac .

Keep in mind

The PlayStation 3 console is different from other electronic devices, in fact, it is known to be quite picky when it comes to video capturers. Given this, it is essential that you use a video recorder that is compatible with the PlayStation 3 . It should be noted that despite the obstacles that you may observe, it is possible to save data and games from PS1 AND PS2 games from your PS3.

Many users have come across the unpleasant surprise of buying a capturer that is incompatible with the console. Given this, we recommend that you inform yourself properly to find the one that suits the PlayStation 3.


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