How to capture screen in Windows 11

In this article we will tell you all the ways you have at your fingertips to easily capture a screen in Windows 11.

Wondering how to capture screen in Windows 11 ? Do not look any further. In this article we will show you which are the easiest methods to take screenshots of what is happening on your computer screen.

In the following sections we review the tools included in Windows 11 to capture screen and we show you where you can find third-party applications to perform this task in an advanced way. Here we solve all your doubts in reference to how to capture screen in Windows 11 .

Index of contents

  • How to capture screen in Windows 11: all possible methods
  • Capture screen with Print Screen key
    • Capture Screen in Windows 11 with Snipping Tool
    • See all Snipping Tool options
  • Capture the screen in Windows 11 with the Xbox Game Bar
    • Capture screen in Windows 11 with third-party tools
  • What is screen capture for in Windows 11?

How to capture screen in Windows 11: all possible methods

There is no single method that allows you to capture screen in Windows 11. Therefore, here we show you all.

Capture screen with Print Screen key

The Print Screen key is generally located in the upper right area of ​​the keyboard. It is usually located next to the keys to lock the scroll or Insert. In any case, it is one of the fastest ways to capture the entire screen.

When using this button, the most common is that nothing happens. However, the screenshot will be moved to the clipboard. How can you get it back? With an application that is compatible, such as Paint. If you open a new drawing and use Control + V , the image will be pasted onto the canvas, as you can see in the following screenshot.

You can also directly paste the clipboard content into applications such as Word , email, WhatsApp or Telegram . That is, it is not necessary to save the screenshot as a file if you intend to share it through any of these channels.

Remember that, in addition to the individual use of the Print Screen key, the combination Windows + Print Screen offers exactly the same results. The difference is that, in this case, an animation appears confirming that the capture has been made.

Capture Screen in Windows 11 with Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is an application included in Windows 11 that allows you to capture the screen in an advanced way, without the need to install any application. There are several ways to access it.

The first is by setting the Print Screen key to launch. Do so by opening the Accessibility section  of the equipment configuration. There, access the keyboard settings and locate the option  Use the Print Screen button to open the screen clipping .

Several options will appear on the screen that will allow you to capture the screen. They are as follows:

  • Cropping the entire screen.
  • Capture of a window.
  • Free clipping.
  • Capture of a rectangular section of the screen.

When you have used the one that best suits your needs, a notice will appear in the notification area confirming that the screen has been captured.

By pressing on it, you will be able to edit or save the capture. Oh, and don’t forget that it is automatically stored on the clipboard, just like the Print Screen key .

Another way to access the tool cuts is to use  Windows + Shift + S . Then, the same options appear that we already mentioned before.

See all Snipping Tool options

The Snipping Tool also has an interface that adds some cool options to the screen capture process. You can access them if you locate the tool with Windows 11 search.

Its appearance is as follows:

Among the options are the same modes that we have already seen in the previous sections.

In addition, you have a timer that will help you capture the content of the screen at the exact moment.

When you click  New , you will access the same options again. Select, for example, a window.

Then edit the capture by adding drawings or other elements.

It is possible to save your captures in any directory of the storage. The supported export formats are PNG, JPG, and GIF .

Capture the screen in Windows 11 with the Xbox Game Bar

Another option at your fingertips to capture the screen on your computer is to use the Xbox game bar. It is integrated into the system natively and appears when you simultaneously press the Windows + G keys .

Once the set of tools appears on the screen, click on the Capture button that you will see in the upper left window. If you follow us, you will already know that this is one of the methods that we recommend to record the screen of your computer . It worked on Windows 10 and it also works on the latest version of the operating system.

Capture screen in Windows 11 with third-party tools

The last option that we propose to capture a screen in Windows 11 is to install a third-party tool. Where can you find it? In the Windows store, for example.

There we come across utilities like Capture screen . It is free and can be easily installed from the Microsoft Store.

Its interface is simple and it is able to assign a key to capture the screen quickly. In the same way, it allows you to enable the startup with the system so that you do not have to search for the tool. Thus, the keyboard shortcut you choose will always be available. By default, the F1 key is used .

Once you press it, you can choose the part of the screen you want to capture. In an intelligent way, this application delimits the windows, but it is also capable of capturing the entire desktop.

After capturing, the tool allows you to add some elements to the image, such as drawings or freehand text.

Although we have used this application as an example, there are many others, both in the Microsoft store and in other repositories. If you want to know some of the best, take a look at the compilation we have prepared .

What is screen capture for in Windows 11?

If you have come this far, you already know what are the best methods to capture screen in Windows 11 . But why is it useful to know them? Taking snapshots of the content on your computer screen is useful for many things.

For example, think that you need to tell a friend where certain Windows settings are located. It will be much easier if you use an illustrative image . Or imagine that you have to create a document explaining a step-by-step process. You may even be able to capture a screen in Windows 11 to store some content that interests you, such as images on a website or text.

As has been shown, the tools included in Windows 11 meet all the needs in this regard. However, if you need an advanced utility, we advise you to opt for third-party applications.

To finish, we can only ask you one thing. Tell us in which cases you usually use these types of tools and screenshots. Leave us your opinion in the comments . We read you!

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