How to record an iPhone screen without annoying cuts?

The technology production giant Apple has remained the undisputed preferred option for a group of platform users, with brands ranging from computers, tablets and of course their mobile devices.

Each of these versatile devices with incredible technology has its own operating system that gives it unique capabilities and can highlight its differences compared to Android devices.

One of the best and most recognized qualities of their devices is the ability of their smartphones to capture photos and videos in the highest quality, allowing to obtain results at the level of professional photographers accompanied by applications that simplify work .

We also have the incredible option of recording, not only what surrounds us, but the same screen of our phone and what we do on it. However, we must take into account certain functionalities that will allow us to make better use of all the hardware of our iPhone, its pros and cons.

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  1. What things does an iPhone not allow me to do when I am recording the screen?
    1. Open the mobile camera
    2. Answer or make a call
    3. Open banking applications
    4. Split the screen to do other activities
  2. What is the way to record the screen on an iPhone?
    1. Entering the control center of the iOS device
    2. From a third party application
  3. What is the reason why I cannot record my screen with audio on iPhone?

What things does an iPhone not allow me to do when I am recording the screen?

We must bear in mind that Apple iPhones are specially configured to guarantee the maximum experience in the use of any of their applications , this includes, of course, all their applications for audiovisual editing, with camera and video applications that have predefined options to avoid any interruptions such as:

Open the mobile camera

Once we are recording any material, our iPhone will block the possibility that it can be opened , either by buttons or by our own action, the mobile camera.

Answer or make a call

The possibility of making or receiving calls will also be blocked, the latter remaining on the waiting line until the iPhone user has finished with the activity that they needed to record.

Open banking applications

Any access to the applications, either through the menu or the notification bar, will be canceled until the filming is completed

Split the screen to do other activities

Likewise, the option of dividing the screen to share vision with other applications will be impossible . All these functions are implemented to avoid any type of interruption that may be generated when taking important shots that require all our concentration.

What is the way to record the screen on an iPhone?

Undoubtedly, the innovative options that iPhone offers us to record the screen of our device without experiencing any type of interruption are quite interesting to carry out tutorials or to explain in a simple way any procedure in which we want to transmit information. To carry out this activity, we just have to follow these procedures:

Entering the control center of the iOS device

If we want to record from the control center we will have to do this: In settings we will proceed to the control center and press the More Controls option, and then press the add button and Screen recording to start.

From a third party application

In the event that we need a better worked and more specialized option in audiovisual management, we can download an application from the iOS AppStore where we will only have to enter the application and select record. Among the options that we have available to carry out this activity, the following stand out:

  • Record it!
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Go Record
  • DU Record
  • Screen Recording Video Capture
  • RecMe Free Screen Recording

What is the reason why I cannot record my screen with audio on iPhone?

Many of the problems of audio and video recording that can be generated with this function are related to the issue of copyright , so we are recording and filming with the screen of our phone content or intellectual property of third parties, artificial intelligence of our iPhone will automatically detect the problem and will suppress any attempt to record such material .

There may also be cases in which the error occurs due to a failure of the equipment when updating, so in this case it will be necessary to resort to Apple technical support to find a solution to the problem.

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